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The New Humblebums Ringtones
Artist: The Young Tradition, Watt Nicol

Album: The Ultimate Folk Collection

Genre: Folk

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 1999

1All In A Dream Steve Tilston  
2Hands Of Fate Gordon Giltrap  
3Border Lands Watt Nicol  
4Twa Recruiting Sergeants The Ian Campbell Folk Group  
5The Single Man's Warning The Young Tradition  
6Gingerbread Man-Over The Hills Storyteller  
7The Cuckoo Pentangle  
8The Mouse And Crow Caroline Pegg  
9Smuggler The McCalmans  
10Rosin The Bow Matt McGinn  
11The Ballad Of Neddy Dick Mr. Fox  
12Urge For Going The Johnstons  
13My Singing Bird Dave Swarbrick  
14The Banks Of Claudy Alex Campbell  
15Rock And Roll Away Decameron  
16The Three Gypsies Archie Fisher  
17Maggie May The Spinners  
18As I Roved Out Isla Cameron  
19Eight Frames A Second Raplh McTell  
20Tom Dooley Sweeney's Men  
21Daddy Fox The Young Tradition  
22The Hermit John Renbourn  
23The Wild Rover The Dubliners  
24The Gyspy Rover The Ian Campbell Folk Group  
25The Story Of Isaac The Johnstons  
26Drag Queen Blues Richard Digence  
27Goodbye Booze Hamish Imlach  
28Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway Gerry Rafferty  
29Up To Now Dransfield  
30Dance Around The Spinning Wheel Finbar Furey, Eddie Furey  
31A Lover For All Seasons The Sallyangie  
32Do You Hear Me Now- Bert Jansch  
33Jersey Thunder Donovan  
34The Ungodly Decameron  
35The Astrologer Gryphon  
36Open Up The Door The New Humblebums  
37Take A Whiff On Me Stefan Grossman  
38My Friend Upon The Road Richard Digence  
39Elvira Madigan Mr. Fox  
40The Boxing Match Black Country Three  
41Dance To Your Daddy Sweeney's Men  
42Mary Skeffington Gerry Rafferty  
43Streets Of London Ralph McTell  
44McShane Finbar Furey, Eddie Furey  
45The Holy Ground The Dubliners  
46Both Sides Now The Johnstons  
47The Skye Boat Song The McCalmans  
48Caroline's Tune John Renbourn  
49Catch The Wind Donovan  
50Candyman Stefan Grossman  
51Lucifer's Cage Gordon Giltrap  
52Once I Loved A Maiden Fair Dave Swarbrick  
53Light Flight Pentangle  
54Cod Liver Oil And Orange Juice Hamish Imlach  
55The Ploughboy's Dream Gryphon  
56Scarborough Fair The Spinners  
57Port Of Amsterdam The Johnstons  
58Needle Of Death Bert Jansch  
59Oh No! The New Humblebums  
60What Will We Tell Them- Dransfield  
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