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Sparky, Sytronik Ringtones
Artist: Adam Harris, Cappella, Corenell, Diverse, Gammer, DJ Kurt, DJ Robbo, DJ Seduction, DJ Sytronik, Gavin G, Angel Eyez, DJ Sytronik, MC Spenno

Album: Hardcore Adrenaline

Genre: Dance

Format: WMA - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2007

1Say Say Say (Waiting 4 U) (Sparky Remix) Hi-Tack  
2Kick The Flow DJ's United  
33000 Stomps (Robbie Long & Stormtrooper Remix) Dougal, Gammer  
4Louder Seduction, Al Storm  
5Secret Raver DJ Kurt  
6Message In A Bottle (SOS) (Sparky & Sytronik Remix) Filterfunk  
7Braveheart 2006 Frantic, Gammer  
8Won't Forget These Days DJ Robbo  
9Coming Up Rampant, Petruccio  
10Blown Away UFO, Shelly  
11Blame The Moon (Gammer Remix) Splash  
12Hyperspeed (Sy & Unknown Remix) Adam Harris  
13All Of My Life (Visa Treatment Mix) Visa  
14All I Need (DJ Kurt & Lee UHF Remix) Visa  
15Cillit Bang (Visa Remix) JAKAZiD, Barry Scott  
16Rock It Like This (VIP Remix) Sy, Unknown  
17007 Visa  
18We Come Alive InEffect, Gammer, Andy L  
19Everytime We Touch Nukleuz Kollective  
20Cillit Bang (Original Mix) JAKAZiD, Barry Scott  
21Everytime You Touch Me DJ's United  
22Teardrops (Impact Remix) Love Assassins  
23When I Close My Eyes Dougal, Gammer, Jenna  
24Along The Way Diverse, Gammer  
25U Got 2 Know (Spenno, Dizzy & Sparky Remix) Cappella  
26Superman (Sparky's Superman Returns Remix) Stu Allan  
27Feel Free Seduction, Joey Riot  
28Lift Me Above (Technikore Remix) United In Dance, Lisa Marie  
29Don't Make Me Wait Joey Riot, Angel Eyez  
30Got A Feelin' (Darren Styles Remix) Statik  
31Keep on Jumpin' (DJ Kurt Remix) Corenell  
32Liberation (Fly Like An Angel) Gammer  
33Out of Touch (UFO Remix) Uniting Nations  
34Heaven (Gammer Remix) Nukleuz Kollective  
35Velvet Skies Dougal, Gammer, Lisa Marie  
36Billie Jean (People Always Tell Me) (Robbie Long & Stormtrooper Remix) Starzoom  
37One Day DJ Sytronik, MC Spenno, Andy L  
38A Feeling (Visa 2006 Hardcore Remix) Stu Allan  
39I Feel Free (Stu Allan Hardcore Remix) Michael Splint, Eruption  
40Addicted To Bass (Al Twisted & Rob Da Rhythm Remix) Puretone  
41Make The Track Spin (Remix) Seduction, Al Storm  
42Come To Me DJ Sytronik, Gavin G, Angel Eyez  
43Dopest DJ (Dougal & Gammer Remix) Robbie Long, Stormtrooper  
44DJ Seduction Continuous Mix Various Artists  
45Walking Away (Robbie Long & Stormtrooper Remix) The Egg  
46Music's Got Me (Visa Hardcore Mix) Stu Allan  
47Want It Hardcore MC Keyes  
48Stu Allan Continuous Mix Various Artists  
49Fireball Tomo, Smetz  
50Dare Me Sparky, Sytronik  
51Listen to Your Heart (Sparky Remix) Nukleuz Kollective  
52Twilight Zone DJ Kurt  
53Bonus Bootleg Continuous Mix Various Artists  
5450,000 Watts DJ Seduction  
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