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Otto Vigial Ringtones
Artist: Arthur -Big Boy- Crudup, Bo Carter, Bulla White, Cecil Grant, Charley Patton, Charlie McCoy, Frank Stokes, Furry Lewis, Garfield Akers, Geeshie Wiley, Hattie Hart, James De Barry

Album: Southern Blues Vol. 1

Genre: Blues

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2006

1Skippy Whippy Mississippi Jook Band  
2No Good Woman Blues Rudy Greene  
3Jailhouse Blues Sleepy John Estes  
4It's Cold In China Blues The Mississippi Moaner  
5Last Time Blues Charlie McCoy  
6I Let My Daddy Do That Hattie Hart  
7I'm Leaving Town William Harris  
8Dry Land Blues Furry Lewis  
9Preachin' Blues Robert Johnson  
10Lonesome World Robert Lee McCoy  
11Little Girl In Rome Otto Vigial  
12Skinny Leg Blues Geeshie Wiley  
13Stop And Listen Blues Mississippi Sheiks  
14Standin' By My Window Arthur -Big Boy- Crudup  
15Dough Roller Blues Garfield Akers  
16Canned Heat Blues Tommy Johnson  
17Never Drive A Stranger From You Door Willie Harris  
18Anna Mae Cecil Grant  
19The Ins And Outs Of My Girl Bo Carter  
20Beale Street Breakdown Jed Davenport  
21Mistreatin' Blues Frank Stokes  
22Mozelle Blues Tommy McClennan  
23Elder Green Blues Charley Patton  
24Spider Bite Blues James De Barry  
25Special Streamline Bulla White  
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