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Melanie Ringtones
Artist: 5000 Volts, Ashton, Garner & Dyke, Average White Band, Blackfoot Sue, Bohannon, Brotherhood Of Man, Chicory Tip, Climax Blues Band, Clout

Album: Hits Of The 70's

Genre: Pop

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2002

1Under The Moon Of Love Showaddywaddy  
2Dreams Are Ten A Penny Kincade  
3Beautiful Sunday Daniel Boone  
4Save Me Clout  
5Good Grief Christina Chicory Tip  
6Daughter Of Darkness Tom Jones  
7L.A. International Airport Susan Raye  
8Giving It All Away Roger Daltrey  
9Standing In The Road Blackfoot Sue  
10Brand New Key Melanie  
11Spirit In The Sky Norman Greenbaum  
12Resurrection Shuffle Ashton, Garner & Dyke  
13Gimme Dat Ding The Pipkins  
14Popcorn Hot Butter  
15Barbados Typically Tropical  
16Coconuts From Congoville Soulful Dynamics  
17Beach Baby First Class  
18I'm On Fire 5000 Volts  
19Three Steps To Heaven Showaddywaddy  
20Hitchin' A Ride Vanity Fare  
21Requiem Slik  
22Substitute Clout  
23She's A Lady Tom Jones  
24The Show Must Go On Leo Sayer  
25Smarty Pants First Choice  
26Foot Stompin' Music Bohannon  
27Why Did You Do It Stretch  
28Ruby Tuesday Melanie  
29Jeans On David Dundas  
30Only You Can Fox  
31Hallelujah Milk & Honey  
32Bulldozer Oliver Onions  
33Sun Of Jamaica Goombay Dance Band  
34Standing In The Rain John Paul Young  
35Figaro Brotherhood Of Man  
36Couldn't Get It Right Climax Blues Band  
37Cut The Cake Average White Band  
38Hey Rock And Roll Showaddywaddy  
39Wild Thing Fancy  
40In The Bush Musique  
41Under Fire Clout  
42Blinded By The Light (Ext. Version) Manfred Mann's Earth Band  
Artist: Melanie

Album: Photograph- Double Exposure

Genre: Rock

Format: WMA - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2006

1Cyclone (Candles In The Rain) (LP Version) Melanie  
2If I Need You (LP Version) Melanie  
3The Letter (LP Version) Melanie  
4Groundhog Day (LP Version) Melanie  
5Nickel Song..Music! Music! Music! (LP Version) Melanie  
6Photograph (LP Version) Melanie  
7I'm So Blue (LP Version) Melanie  
8Secret Of The Darkness (I Believe) (LP Version) Melanie  
9Save Me (LP Version) Melanie  
10Raindance (LP Version) Melanie  
11Friends & Co. (Album Version) Melanie  
12Groundhog Day (Long Version) Melanie  
13Cyclone (Alternate Vocal Version) Melanie  
14Secret Of The Darkness (I Believe) (Part 1) Melanie  
15Secret Of The Darkness (I Believe) (Part 2) Melanie  
16Unfinished Business (Selma Version) Melanie  
17Whamp Bhomp Song (Previously Unissued) Melanie  
18Ruby Tuesday (Previously Unissued) Melanie  
19Love To Live Again (Previously Unissued) Melanie  
20Here We Go Again (Previously Unissued) Melanie  
21Jukebox Magazine (Previously Unissued) Melanie  
22Miranda (Previously Unissued) Melanie  
23Unfinished Business (West Version) Melanie  
24Remember Me Good (Previously Unissued) Melanie  
25Over The Rainbow (Previously Unissued) Melanie  
Artist: Melanie

Album: 1998 Calypso Compilation

Genre: World

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2008

1Clear De Way Melanie  
2Banker Boy Melanie  
3Pan In Heaven Sean Daniel  
4100 For 6 Melanie  
5Parade Tony Prescott  
6Behave Yuhself Ansleem Douglas  
7Aaa! Preacher & Jason Benn  
8Pan For Carnival Shanaqua  
9Get Up Kurt Allen & Melanie  
10Wuk She Up Preacher  
11We Still Waving Melanie  
12Tonite Is Yes Night Blackie  
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