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Marion Abernathy Ringtones
Artist: Albinia Jones, Big Bill Broonzy, Dinah Washington, Estelle Edson, Helen Humes, Ivory Joe Hunter, Jay McShann, Marion Abernathy, Rabon Tarrant, Rubberlegs Williams

Album: Boppers And The Blues

Genre: Blues

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2006

1Walking Blues Dinah Washington  
2Cock-A-Doodle Doo Wynonie Harris  
34-F Blues Rubberlegs Williams  
4Be-Baba-Le-Ba Estelle Edson  
5We're Gonna Boogie Ivory Joe Hunter  
6Yonder Goes My Baby Wynonie Harris  
7What's The Matter Now Rubberlegs Williams  
8Don't Drive This Jive Away Estelle Edson  
9Pleasing Man Blues Helen Humes  
10No Good Woman Blues Wini Brown  
11Frisco Blues Rabon Tarrant  
12No Good Man Blues Thelma Love  
13Here Comes The Blues Wynonie Harris  
14One Woman's Man Jay McShann  
15Just A Dream Big Bill Broonzy  
16I Changed The Lock Estelle Edson  
17You Got To Play Your Hand Big Bill Broonzy  
18Bring It On Home Rubberlegs Williams  
19Salty Papa Blues Albinia Jones  
20Why Did You Do That To Me- Big Bill Broonzy  
21Albinia's Blues Albinia Jones  
22Things About Coming My Way Yack Taylor  
23Hootie Blues Jay McShann  
24Baggin' The Boogie Marion Abernathy  
25Bow Legged Woman Wini Brown  
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