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Little Bill with the Adventurers Ringtones
Artist: Adventurers, Artesians, Frantics, Imperials, Little Bill with the Adventurers, Various Artists

Album: Stomp! - Northwest Killers Vol. 1

Genre: Rock

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2006

1Werewolf Frantics  
2Grunlins Artesians  
3Louie Louie Little Bill with the Adventurers  
4I'll Go Crazy Artesians  
5Mashed Potatoes Adventurers  
6Linda Lu Adventurers  
7Crossfirig Imperials  
8Chitlins Con Carne Frantics  
9Northwest Recorders Radio Spot #1 Various Artists  
10Kokoe Joe Artesians  
11Cooker Frantics  
12Transfusion Frantics  
13Chinese Checkers Artesians  
14The Slip Imperials  
15Monkey Chain Artesians  
16Watermelon Man Artesians  
17Trick Artesians  
18Since You've Been Gone Imperials  
19No Werewolf Frantics  
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