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Lee Perry, The Defenders Ringtones
Artist: Vin Gordon, The Upsetters

Album: I Am The Upsetter - The Story Of The Lee Perry Golden Years

Genre: Reggae

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2005

1Django Shoots First Sir Lord Comic, The Upsetters  
2Enter The Dragon The Mighty Upsetter  
3Kingdom Of Dub The Upsetters  
4Flashing Echo The Upsetting Upsetters  
5Judgement Day Lee Perry, The Upsetters  
6Babylon Thief (Dub) Augustus Pablo  
7Bush Weed Lee Perry, The Upsetters  
8Fungea The Mighty Upsetter  
9Huzza Hana Lee 'Scratch' Perry, The Upsetters  
10Kojak Lee Perry, The Upsetters  
11Cloak & Dagger Tommy McCook, The Upsetters  
12Dubism The Upsetters  
13Lizard Stick The Upsetters  
14Caveman (Skank) Lee Perry, The Upsetters  
15Black Panta The Upsetters  
16Vampire The Upsetters  
17Voodoo Man Vin Gordon, The Upsetters  
18Foundation Solid The Upsetters  
19Rude Walking Tommy McCook, The Upsetters  
20Dub Fu Ye Rights The Upsetters  
21Lover (Dub) Augustus Pablo, The Upsetters  
22I Was Appointed Junior Murvin  
23Sons Of Slaves Junior Delgado  
24Words Anthony 'Sangie Davis', Lee Perry  
25Thanks & Praise Junior Ainsworth  
26Forward With The Orthodox Mystic I  
27Woman Gotta Have Love Jimmy Riley  
28Know Love The Twin Roots  
29Ital Corner Prince Jazzbo  
30Bad Weed Junior Murvin  
31Groovy Situation Keith Rowe  
32City Too Hot Lee Perry  
33Bury The Razor The Upsetters  
34Fire Fe The Vatican Max Romeo  
35Stay Dread Lee Perry  
36Roots Train Number One Junior Murvin  
37Clint Eastwood Lee Perry  
38Medical Operation The Upsetters  
39All Over Clancy Eccles, Bunny Wailer  
40Rightful Ruler U Roy  
41People Funny Boy Lee Perry  
42Return Of The Ugly The Upsetters  
43Duppy Conqueror Bob Marley, The Wailers  
44Shocks Of The Mighty Dave Barker  
45What A Botheration Lee Perry  
46Beat Down Babylon Junior Byles  
47Small Axe Version 2 (aka 'Shocks ?71') Dave Barker  
48Prisoner Of Love Dave Barker  
49Don?t Let The Sun Catch You Crying Dave Barker, The Wailers  
50Check Him Out The Bleechers  
51Small Axe Bob Marley, The Wailers  
52You Crummy Lee Perry  
53Give Me Power Roy Lee, King Iwah  
54Sipreano Lee Perry  
55Son Of Thunder Lee Perry  
56Place Called Africa Junior Byles  
57I Am The Upsetter Lee Perry  
58Kill Them All Lee Perry, The Upsetters  
59Set Them Free Lee Perry, The Defenders  
60Return Of Django The Upsetters  
61Hot And Cold Augustus Pablo  
62Professor Ironside Lloyd Parks  
63Herb Vendor Leroy 'Horsemouth' Wallace  
64Golden Locks Lee Perry  
65Words The Gatherers  
66Back Biter Lee Perry, Dennis Alcapone  
67Better Days The Carltons  
68Blackman Time Lee Perry  
69Rebels Train The Upsetters  
70Justice To The People Lee Perry  
71Jungle Lion The Upsetters  
72Dub Organiser Dillenger  
73Bathroom (Skank) The Upsetters  
74Station Underground News King Koba  
75Black Ipa The Upsetters  
76Public Enemy Number One Max Romeo  
77To Be A Lover George Earl  
78Preacher Man The Stingers  
79Curley Locks Junior Byles  
80Woman And Money Denzil Dennis  
81Babylose Burning (aka 'Babylon Burning') Maxie, Niney & Scratch  
82Hurts So Good Susan Cadogan, The Mighty Diamonds  
83Cow Thief (Skank) Charlie Ace, The Upsetters  
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