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Joe Harris & Carolyn Crawford Ringtones
Artist: Barbara Randolph, Billy Eckstine, Billy Griffin, Billy Preston & Syreeta, Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers, Edwin Starr, Frances Nero, Frankie Gaye, G. C. Cameron

Album: Detroit Love Volume 3

Genre: Soul

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2006

1Teardrops Edwin Starr  
2Ask The Lonely Billy Eckstine  
3Smiling Faces Sometimes Vee  
4Special Day Frankie Gaye  
5Reluctant Lover Billy Griffin  
6Soul Searching Barbara Randolph  
7Heaven Knows The Miracles  
8Keeping My Mind On Love Mary Wells  
9Cloudy Day Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers  
10Come Back To Me G. C. Cameron  
11You'll Be Sorry The Fantastic Four  
12Ain't Understanding Mellow Joe Harris & Carolyn Crawford  
13Wholeheartedly Ronnie McNeir  
14Hold Out My Hand Jake Jacas  
15Give Me Your Love Vermettya Royster  
16Take Me In Your Arms And Love Me Frances Nero  
17Watching The Hands Of Time Billy Preston & Syreeta  
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