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Jimmy Durante & Polly Moran Ringtones
Artist: Judy Garland

Album: That's Entertainment! [Digital Version]

Genre: Pop

Format: WMA - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2006

1The Boy Next Door [from Meet Me In St. Louis] Judy Garland  
2Under The Bamboo Tree [from Meet Me In St. Louis] Judy Garland, Margaret O'Brien  
3Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas [from Meet Me In St. Louis] Judy Garland  
4Shakin' The Blues Away [from Easter Parade] Ann Miller With The Mel-Tones And The Lyttle Sisters  
5An American In Paris Ballet [from An American In Paris] An American In Paris - MGM Studio Orchestra  
6I Remember It Well [from Gigi] Hermione Gingold & Maurice Chevalier  
7You Are My Lucky Star [Outtake Version] Debbie Reynolds, The MGM Studio Orchestra - Singin' In The Rain  
8March Of The Doagies Judy Garland, Joe Karnes, Frank Laine, Don Ellis, Eugene Dorian, Ralph Blane  
9Just One Of Those Things [from Panama Hattie, 1942] Lena Horne  
10The Lady Is A Tramp ('Words And Music', 1948) Lena Horne  
11Dancing In The Dark [from The Band Wagon] The Band Wagon  
12That's Entertainment Fred Astaire, Jack Buchanan, India Adams, Nanette Fabray, Oscar Levant  
13I Got Rhythm [from An American in Paris] Gene Kelly & The MGM Children's Chorus  
14Love Is Here To Stay [from An American In Paris] Gene Kelly  
15Good Morning (LP Version) Donald O'Connor, Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds  
16The Worry Song [from Anchors Aweigh] Gene Kelly and Jerry The Mouse  
17Be A Clown [from The Pirate] Judy Garland & Gene Kelly  
18From This Moment On [from Kiss Me Kate] Ann Miller, Tommy Rall, Bobby Van & Bob Fosse  
19Singin' In The Rain [from Singin' in The Rain] Gene Kelly  
20The Varsity Drag [from Good News, 1947] June Allyson, Peter Lawford, Jimmie Garland  
21Hallelujah Tony Martin, Vic Damone, Jane Powell, Debbie Reynolds, Ann Miller  
22But Not For Me [Girl Crazy] Judy Garland  
23Barn Dance (Bless Yore Beautiful Hide) [from Seven Brides For Seven Brothers] Seven Brides For Seven Bros. - The MGM Studio Orchestra  
24(I'll Build A) Stairway To Paradise [from An American In Paris, 1951] Georges Guetary  
25Be My Love [from The Toast Of New Orleans, 1950] Mario Lanza & Kathryn Grayson  
26I Wish I Were In Love Again [from Words And Music, 1948] Judy Garland & Mickey Rooney  
27Steppin Out With My Baby [from Easter Parade 1948] Fred Astaire With The Mel-Tones And The Lyttle Sisters  
28All Of You (Extended Version) (from 'Silk Stockings', 1957) Fred Astaire  
29Temptation (from 'Going Hollywood') Bing Crosby  
30The Trolley Song [from Meet Me In St. Louis] Judy Garland  
31Overture [from That's Entertainment, 1974] That's Entertainment! -MGM Studio Orchestra  
32Singin' In The Rain Cliff Edwards, Jimmy Durante, Judy Garland, Gene Kelly  
33Main Title [from That's Entertainment] That's Entertainment!  
34Indian Love Call [from Rose Marie] Jeanette Mac Donald & Nelson Eddy  
35Begin The Beguine [from Broadway Melody of 1940] Fred Astaire  
36Honeysuckle Rose [from Thousands Cheer] Lena Horne, Benny Carter and his Orchestra  
37Thou Swell [from Words And Music] June Allyson, Eugene Cox & Pete Roberts (for the Blackburn Twins)  
38On The Atchison, Topeka, And The Santa Fe [from The Harvey Girls] Judy Garland, Cyd Charisse  
39Got A Feelin' For You (from Hollywood Revue, 1929) Joan Crawford & the MGM Studio Chorus  
40Dear Mr Gable-You Made Me Love You [I Didn't Want To Do It] [from Broadway Melody of 1938] Judy Garland  
41They Can't Take That Away From Me [from The Barkleys of Broadway] Fred Astaire  
42I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan [from The Band Wagon] Fred Astaire & Jack Buchanan  
43I've Gotta Hear That Beat [from Small Town Girl] Ann Miller  
44Make 'Em Laugh [from Singin' In The Rain', 1952] Donald O'Connor - Singin' In The Rain  
45Ol' Man River [from Show Boat] William Warfield  
46By Myself [from The Band Wagon] Fred Astaire - The Band Wagon  
47Well, Did You Evah! [from High Society, 1956] Bing Crosby & Frank Sinatra  
48True Love [from High Society] Bing Crosby & Grace Kelly  
49Overture [from That's Entertainment, 1976] That's Entertainment! -MGM Studio Orchestra  
50Main Title-That's Entertainment [from The Band Wagon] Fred Astaire, Jack Buchanan, Nanette Fabray & Oscar Levant  
51Facinatin' Rhythm [from Lady Be Good] Connie Russell, Six Hits And A Miss, The Berry Brothers  
52I've Got A Feelin' You're Foolin' [from Broadway Melody Of 1936, 1935] June Knight, Robert Taylor & the MGM Studio Chorus  
53Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo [from Lili] Leslie Caron & Mel Ferrer  
54Easter Parade (from 'Easter Parade', 1948) Judy Garland & Fred Astaire - Easter Parade  
55Zing! Went The Strings of My Heart (from 'Listen, Darlin', 1938) Judy Garland  
56Taking A Chance On Love (from Cabin In The Sky) Ethel Waters  
57Swingin' The Jinx Away (from Born To Dance) Frances Langford, Buddy Ebsen  
58Lover Come Back To Me (from New Moon) Jeanette MacDonald & Nelson Eddy  
59Inka Dinka Doo (from 'Two Girls & a Sailor) Jimmy Durante & Harry James & His Orchestra  
60I Got Rhythm (from Girl Crazy) Judy Garland  
61Manhattan (from Words and Music) Mickey Rooney and Bill Lee (for Tom Drake)  
62Triplets (from The Band Wagon) Fred Astaire, Nanette Febray & Jack Buchanan - The Band Wagon  
63Girls, Girls, Girls [from The Merry Widow] Maurice Chevalier  
64The Last Time I Saw Paris [from 'Till The Clouds Roll By] Dinah Shore  
65A Couple Of Swells [from Easter Parade] Judy Garland & Fred Astaire  
66Bouncin' The Blues [from The Barkleys Of Broadway] Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers  
67That's Entertainment Finale [from That's Entertainment, Part 2] Fred Astaire & Gene Kelly  
68End Credits [from That's Entertainment, Part 2] That's Entertainment!  
69Overture [from That's Entertainment, Part III] That's Entertainment! - Hollywood Bowl Orchestra  
70Good Morning [from Babes In Arms, 1939] Judy Garland & Mickey Rooney  
71Hollywood Party [from Hollywood Party] Frances Williams  
72The Heather On The Hill [from Brigadoon] Gene Kelly  
73Swing, Mr. Mendelssohn [Extended Version from Everybody Sing] Judy Garland & The St. Brendans Boys' Choir  
74A Lady Loves [from I Love Melvin] Debbie Reynolds  
75Baby, You Knock Me Out [from It's Always Fair Weather] Cyd Charisse (Carol Richards for Cyd Charisse)  
76Who- [Extended Version from 'Till The Clouds Roll By] Judy Garland  
77You Stepped Out Of A Dream [from Ziegfeld Girl] Tony Martin  
78Swing Trot [Extended Version, Partially Unused] Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers  
79The Lock Step [Outtake from The March Of Time] The Dodge Twins  
80Poor Little G-String [Outtake from The March Of Time] Bing Crosby  
81Fly Away To I-Oway [Outtake from Hollywood Party] Jimmy Durante & Polly Moran  
82Buds Won't Bud [Outtake from Andy Hardy Meets Debutante] Judy Garland  
83Let's Pretend It's True [from Vacation From Love] Virginia Bruce & Male Chorus  
84It's Fun To Be In Love [Outttake from Meet Me In Las Vegas][(Stereo] George Chakiris, Dan Dailey & Betty Lynn  
85Weekend At The Waldorf [Demo] Kay Thompson  
86Follow Me [Outtake from Torch Song] Joan Crawford  
87You Won't Forget Me [from Duchess of Idaho] Lena Horne  
88Too Beautiful To Last [Outtake from Ziegfeld Girl] Tony Martin  
89I Have A Dream [from Jupiter's Darling] JoAnn Greer (for Esther Williams) & George Sanders  
90And There You Are [from I Love Melvin] Howard Keel  
91A Message From The Man In The Moon [from A Day At The Races] Allan Jones  
92Baby Doll [from Take Me Out To The Ball Game] Gene Kelly  
93Some Of These Days [Unused Complete Version from Broadway Melody of 1938] Sophie Tucker  
94A Woman Without A Man [from Cairo] Ethel Waters  
95Make It Another Old Fashioned, Please [from Panama Hattie] Ann Sothern  
96You Belong To My Heart [from Sombrero] Yvonne DeCarlo & Bill Lee (for Vittorio Gassman)  
97Something's Gotta Happen Soon [Outtake from Ice Follies of 1939] Joan Crawford  
98Deep In My Heart, Dear [Demo] Jane Powell & vic Damone  
99Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man [Demo] Lee Wiley  
100My Man [Complete Version from The Great Ziegfeld] Fanny Brice  
101I've Told Ev'ry Little Star-The Song Is You [from 'Till The Clouds Roll By] Kathryn Grayson & Johnny Johnston  
102End Credits [from That's Entertainment, Part III] That's Entertainment! -Hollywood Bowl Orchestra  
103Get Happy [from Summer Stock] Judy Garland  
104Stereophonic Sound [from Silk Stockings, 1957] Fred Astaire & Janis Paige  
105Broadway Melody [from The Broadway Melody, 1929] Charles King  
106Wedding Of The Painted Doll (from 'The Broadway Melody', 1929) James Burroughs - The Broadway Melody  
107Over The Rainbow [from Wizard Of Oz, 1939] Judy Garland  
108A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody [from The Great Ziegfeld, 1936] Allan Jones (for Dennis Morgan)  
109I Wanna Be A Dancin' Man [from The Belle of New York] Fred Astaire  
110Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (from Lovely To Look At) Kathryn Grayson  
111Babes In Arms [Extended Version from Babes In Arms] Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Douglas McPhail, Betty Jaynes  
112I Begged Her [from Anchors Aweigh, 1945] Frank Sinatra & Gene Kelly  
113I Fall In Love Too Easily [from Anchor's Aweigh, 1945] Frank Sinatra  
114Ol' Man River [from 'Till The Clouds Roll By, 1946] Frank Sinatra  
115The Song's Gotta Come From The Heart [from It Happened In Brooklyn, 1947] Frank Sinatra & Jimmy Durante  
116Take Me Out To The Ball Game [from Take Me Out To The Ball Game, 1949] Frank Sinatra & Gene Kelly  
117New York, New York [Full Length Version from On The Town, 1949] Frank Sinatra  
118You're Sensational [from High Society, 1956] Frank Sinatra  
119Now You Has Jazz [from High Society, 1956] Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong  
120Pass That Peace Pipe [from Good News] Joan McCracken & the MGM Studio Chorus  
121I Like Myself [from It's Alway Fair Weather] Gene Kelly  
122Thanks A Lot But No Thanks [from It's Alway Fair Weather] Dolores Grey  
123The Three B's [from Best Foot Forward] June Allyson, Gloria Dehaven & Nancy Walker  
124Easy To Love [from Born To Dance] James Stewart, Marjorie Lane (for Eleanor Powell)  
125I Wanna Be Loved By You [from Three Little Words] Helen Kane (for Debbie Reynolds)  
126There's No Business Like Show Business [From Annie Get Your Gun] Betty Hutton, Howard Keel, Louis Calhern & Keenan Wynn  
127For Me And My Gal [from For Me And My Gal] Judy Garland & Gene Kelly  
128Puttin' On The Ritz [from Idiot's Delight] Clark Gable & the MGM Studio Orchestra  
129It's A Most Unusual Day [from A Date With Judy] Jane Powell  
130Going Hollywood [from Going Hollywood] Bing Crosby  
131Gigi [from Gigi] Louis Jordan & M-G-M Studio Orchestra  
132Aba Daba Honeymoon [from Two Weeks With Love] [(LP Version] Debbie Reynolds, Carleton Carpenter & the M-G-M Studio Chorus  
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