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James And Susan Wells Ringtones
Artist: Barbara McNair, Barbara Pennington, Carol Jiani, Carol Woods, Doris Jones, Evelyn Thomas, James And Susan Wells, James Wells, L. J. Johnson

Album: Northern Soul Survivors 2

Genre: Blues

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2006

1Possessed Doris Jones  
2Fan the Flame Barbara Pennington  
3Gambling on Your Love L. J. Johnson  
4Just Another Rumour Tyrone Ashley  
5Snake In The Grass The Exciters  
6No Cure For Me James And Susan Wells  
7On A Crowded Street Barbara Pennington  
8Double Dose Of Love James Wells  
9Back By Popular Demand The Supremes And The Originals  
10Shadow In My Memory The Exciters  
11You're Gonna Love My Baby Barbara McNair  
12You Take My Breath Away Moonstone  
13My Head's In The Stars Evelyn Thomas  
14Close To Perfection Miquel Brown  
15Lucky Number Ronnie McNeir  
16Have A Little Faith In Me Evelyn Thomas  
17Floating L. J. Johnson  
18All I Ever eed Is Music James Wells  
19Heading Down Fools Road Carol Woods  
20Feet Don't Fail Me now The Tramps  
21Make Sure You Have Someone Who Loves You Carol Jiani  
22I Can't keep My Heart Still Barbara Pennington  
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