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Ian Campbell, Lorna Campbell Ringtones
Artist: Alex Campbell, Archie Fisher, Bert Jansch, Billy Connolly

Album: Border Lands - The Best Of Scottish Folk

Genre: Folk

Format: WMA - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2006

1The Devil's Fiddle Contraband  
2Rob Roy McGregor Matt McGinn  
3Steamboat Row The Humblebums  
4If It Wasn't For Your Wellies Billy Connolly  
5Highland Harry The Ian Campbell Folk Group  
6Don't You Put Me Down Alex Campbell  
7Inveray (The Baron Of Brackley) Owen Hand  
8Fare Ye Well Ye Mormand Braves The McCalmans  
9Love Is Teasing Alex Campbell  
10John Anderson Ian Campbell  
11Jeny Gray's Whiskey Silly Wizard  
12Everybody Knows That The Humblebums  
13The Scottish Breakaway Hamish Imlach  
14Jimmy Wilson Owen Hand  
15Loch Lomond Matt McGinn  
16A Man's A Man's For A' That The McCalmans  
17Ca' The Ewes Watt Nicoll  
18The Quizling History Of Scotland Watt Nicoll  
19Baron James McPhait (The Celtic Rangers Song) Josh MacRae  
20The Dundee Cat Hamish Imlach  
21The Canny Miner Lad The Ian Campbell Folk Group  
22Open The Door Softly Archie Fisher  
23Matt Highland Archie Fisher  
24My Singing Bird Gerry Rafferty  
25Bruton Town Alex Campbell  
26Henry Martin Bert Jansch  
27Dainty Davy Ian Campbell  
28The Trooper And The Maid Archie Fisher  
29Ye Jacobites By Name Owen Hand  
30Whiskey Drinkers Watt Nicoll  
31Let No Man Steal Your Thyme Shelagh Mcdonald  
32Rattlin' Roarin' Willie Contraband  
33The Green Fields Of Dundee Watt Nicoll  
34Goodbye Booze Hamish Imlach  
35Wild Flying Dove Josh MacRae  
36Why Don't They come Back To Dunoon The Humblebums  
37Mary Skeffington Gerry Rafferty  
38Farewell To Tarwathy The Ian Campbell Folk Group  
39The Overgate Alex Campbell  
40The McGregors Hamish Imlach  
41Johnny Faa Ian Campbell, Lorna Campbell  
42Glasgow Central Billy Connolly  
43My Love's In Germany Silly Wizard  
44The Shearing Silly Wizard  
45Farewell To Nova Scotia The McCalmans  
46Coorie Doon Matt McGinn  
47The Lion (Edinburgh Castle) The McCalmans  
48The Dundee Ghost Matt McGinn  
49Atholl Braes-The Drunken Piper The McCalmans  
50The Bonny Earl Of Moray The Ian Campbell Folk Group  
51Cod Liver Oil And Orange Juice Hamish Imlach  
52Gallowgate Calypso Matt McGinn  
53My Donal Owen Hand  
54Dowie Dens Of Yarrow Shelagh Mcdonald  
55Glesga Peggy Alex Campbell  
56A Little Of Your Time Billy Connolly  
57McPherson's Farewell Hamish Imlach  
58Castlereagh Josh MacRae  
59Cam Ye O'er Frae France Owen Hand  
60The Banks Of Claudy Contraband  
61I Loved A Lass Ian Campbell, Lorna Campbell  
62In The Wee Room The McCalmans  
63Highland Widows Lament The Ian Campbell Folk Group  
64Reynardine Archie Fisher  
65The Whiskey Seller Josh MacRae  
66Jock Stuart The McCalmans  
67Song For Simon The Humblebums  
68Close Your Eyes The Humblebums  
69Bogies Bonny Belle Archie Fisher  
70March Of The Cameron Man Watt Nicoll  
71Been on The Road So Long Alex Campbell  
72Border Lands Watt Nicoll  
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