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Soccer Ringtones

12th Man

12th Man, Arnold Gutbucket, Barry Williams
1967 Spurs Squad

1967 Spurs Squad, 1973 Spurs Squad
1970 England World Cup Squad

1973 Spurs Squad
1978 F.A. Cup Final

1978 F.A. Cup Final, Blue Flag '78
1981-82 Spurs Squad

1st Division
1st Division, Actual Flava, Alistair Griffin, Brian Clough with J.J. Barrie, Gordon Cox, Harris & Hansen, International Strikeforce, John O'Malley

3 Blokes From 'F'Block
3 Blokes From 'F'Block, Billy Cotton

442, 5-A-Side, Des & The Linemen, England's Pride, Hat-Trick, Offside, Slim Jim, The Bow Wow Men, The Football Studs, The Football Supporters Band, Tony Christie

9 In A Row

9 In A Row, Billy King, Blue Boy, Lex Mclean & The Rangers Football Team, Sandy Scot, The Boys In Blue, The Broxi, The Ibrox Quartet
A Love Supreme

A Love Supreme, Alfie, Chris Walton, Comatose, Dr Delta, Gary Rowell, Kinky, Leatherface, Marco Gabbiadini, Micawba, Simply Red and White
A Tribe Of Toffs

A Tribe Of Toffs, Celtic Cross, Depon Eye, George Chandler, Gerry O'Gorman, Howard Booth, The Itch featuring Ian Page, The Squad
A.B. Boys, Blue Army Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Chorus, Sarah Walker, The 'Gers Band, The 'Gers Ensemble

A.L.S., Alfie, Charlie Hurley, Fine Art, Lloyd Hulme and the Supporters Band, Northeast, Red & White Santas, Ronnie Roker & The Black Cats

Aberdeen F. C. Squad
Aberdeen F. C. Squad, Bagsy

Actual Flava
Aka & Lord Medley

Aka & Lord Medley, Barker, Frank Hennessy
Alan Mullery, Cyril Knowles and the 1967 Spurs Squad

Alan Randall & The Sky Blue Choir
Alan Randall and Shep's Banjo

Alessandro Del Piero - Italy
Alex Glasgow

Alex Glasgow, Busker, Don Juans, Frank Robinson, Harry Palmer, Harry Roden, Kevin Keegan, Newcastle United 1975-6 Squad
Alexander Frei - Switzerland

Alfie, Brian Clough & Friends, Mick Peat and Barry Coope

Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys, Annie Lennox, Delta, Des'ree, Dido, Herbert Gronemeyer feat. Amadou & Mariam, Il Divo and Celine Dion, Kelly Clarkson

Alistair Griffin
Andrew Saint

Andrew Saint, Bosting Steve Austin
Andy Cameron

Andy Cameron, Ben Gunn, Big Bad Jock, Mr Abie, Sandy Scot, Scotland World Cup Squad 1986, Scottish World Cup Squad 1978, Tartan Lads
Andy Cameron, Billy King

Angry Kid
Annie Lennox

Arnold Gutbucket
Arsenal 1932 Squad

Arsenal 1932 Squad, Arsenal 1972 Squad, Enrico Cocozza, Steven North and the Flat Back Four, The A Team, The IASA Wembley Mix
Arsenal 1972 Squad

Arsenal Choir
Arsenal Choir, Arsenal F.C. 1972

Arsenal F.C. 1972
Arsenal F.C. 1979

Arsenal F.C. 1998
Arsenal F.C. 2000

Arsenal Fc 2000
Arsene Sings

Aston Villa F.C.
Aston Villa F.C., Dave Ismay and the Holte End

Baddiel, Lightning Seeds, Skinner

Baddiel, Lightning Seeds, Skinner, Lightning Seeds
Badiel Skinner & The Lighting Seeds


Barker, Barry Glamorgan, Crowd Recordings From Wembley Stadium, Grace, Native Intelligence, Rainbow Choir, Vinnie Jones
Barry Glamorgan

Barry Williams

Basti, Chic Applin Sound, Gary Kennon
Bastien Schweinsteiger ? Germany

Bell & Spurling
Bell And Spurling

Ben Dyer, Sam Dyer, Phillip Hurst and Paul Talbot
Ben Dyer, Sam Dyer, Phillip Hurst and Paul Talbot, Chris Renshaw and the Keepers, Giro Geoff, Rob Reid and Skin, Grace, Grace featuring The Boothen End

Ben Gunn
Big Bad Jock

Billy Bluebeat
Billy Bluebeat, Chelsea F.C. 1972, Henry Turtle, Ron Harris With Players And Fans, Rosie Roller & The Kids From The Bridge, Stamford Bridge

Billy Bluebeat, Elevenveeeleven
Billy Bluebeat, Elevenveeeleven, England World Cup Squad 1982, Geoff Hurst & Martin Peters, Gerry Marsden & The England Supporters Club

Billy Cotton
Billy King

Billy Maher
Billy Maher, Brize-E and the Anfield Posse

Billy Maher, Duncan's Army
Billy McKenzie

Billy McKenzie, Colin Chisholm
Billy Wright & Friends

Billy Wright & Friends, Golden Boys, John Hendley, Movement, Peter Allan, Steve Brown, Steve Bull, The Massed Band of the Royal Air Force
Blind Granny's Taxi Nightmare

Blue Army
Blue Army, Filbert Fox Songs

Blue Boy
Blue Flag '78

Bon Jordi
Bon Jordi, Borozone, Brian Clough & Friends

Boom, Candy Man, D2, Hype!, Jimmy and The Johnsons, K9's, Paradise Boys

Bosting Steve Austin
Brian Clough & Friends

Brian Clough With J.J. Barrie
Brian Clough With J.J. Barrie, Fat & Frantic

Brize-E and the Anfield Posse

Candy Man, G-Lock, Hype!, Jon Christos, K9's, MC Massive FC, Media Junkies, Rufus Stone, Steve Penk, The Station Crew, Super Sub, Skipper MC, The Blue Army Orchestra, The City Boys, The Eastlands Choir, The Station Crew

Carmen Rosa
Cath & Jean

Celtic Boys Club
Celtic Boys Club, Celtic First Team 1964, Celtic First Team 1970, Celtic Football Club, Celtic Supporters Club, Freedom's Sons, Green And White Brigade

Celtic Cross
Celtic First Team 1964

Celtic First Team 1964, Mourne Mountain Ramblers
Celtic First Team 1964, Mourne Mountain Ramblers, The Cox Crew, The Malleys, The Peatdiggers and Peter Barry, The Wullie Malloy Choir

Celtic First Team 1970
Celtic Football Club

Celtic Supporters Club
Charlie Hurley

Charlton Athletic Fc
Chas & Dave

Cheeky git!
Chelsea F.C. 1972

Chelsea Fc - True Blue Crew feat Cael Chapman
Chic Applin Sound

Chicken Ron
Chicken Ron, Flat Back Four, Looking For A Rainbow, Moore, Hurst & Peters, Rainbows Quest, Serious Drinking, United Nations

Chris Guard
Chris Guard, Fulham Flurries

Chris Moyles World Cup Band
Chris Perry

Chris Perry, Terry Burton, The Jones Family, The Reservoir Dons, The Reservoir Dons vs The West Bank Choir, The Wimbles, Universal, Vinnie Jones
Chris Renshaw and the Keepers

Chris Walton
Chris Williams and the Music Makers

Chris Williams and the Music Makers, Hugh McLean & The Blue Gloves, Irish Eyes, Jack Charlton, The Boys In Green, The Fanz, The Shamrock Men
Cockerel Chorus

Colin Chisholm
Colin Morrison

Colin Phillips Combo

Come On You Villa
Coventry City 1987 F.A. Cup Final Squad

Coventry City F. C.
Coventry Fc 1987 F.A. Cup Final Squad

Crazy Frog
Crowd Recordings From Wembley Stadium

Crystal Palace
Crystal Palace F.C. 1972

Crystal Palace F.C. 1990 F.A. Cup Final Squad
Crystal Palace F.C. and Wives 1972


Danny McCoy
Dave Ismay and the Holte End

Dave Willetts
David James And The Villa Squad

David Jones
Deco ? Portugal

Depon Eye

Des & The Linemen

Doc's Chocs &The Ice Cream Men featuring Paolo Di Canio

Don Juans
Dr Delta

Dr Skoop
Dr Skoop, Jeep Beat Collective

Driving Sideways
Duncan's Army

Eddie Eagle

Edward Ebeneezer & The Supporters
Edwin Van der Sar ? Holland


England Blood

England New Order
England World Cup Squad 1982

England World Cup Squad Accompanied By Magnum Brass
England's Glory

England's Pride
Enrico Cocozza

Everton F. C.
Fat & Frantic

Filbert Fox Songs
Fine Art

Flat Back Four
Football Crazy Skills Video

Frank Hennessy
Frank Robinson

Frank Sidebottom
Frank Sidebottom, Harmony Blend, Kevin Phoenix, Lord Fitzroy Coleman Band, Manchester City F.C., Rockin' Ron, The Freshies, Universal

Frankie Goes To Fratton With The Milton Glass Rock Ensemble
Fredrik Ljungberg - Sweden

Freedom's Sons

Frisco, Gutta Percher & Balladeers, Ian St . Gomm
Fry and Wilson

Fulham Fc
Fulham Flurries

Garry Stanton

Gary Kennon
Gary Rowell

Gary's Construction Company
Geoff Blott & The Nottingham Boys

Geoff Hurst & Martin Peters
George Chandler

George Cohen
Gerry Marsden & The England Supporters Club

Gerry O'Gorman
Giro Geoff, Rob Reid and Skin

Give Us A Kiss
Glasgow Celtic Fc

Glenn & Chris
Glenn Hoddle

Golden Boys
Gordon Cox

Grace featuring The Boothen End

Graham Stephen
Grandad Roberts & His Son Elvis

Grandad Roberts & his son Elvis, kershaw & Nelson, M.C.Mickey & DJ Brettski
Grandad Roberts And His Son Elvis

Green And White Brigade
Green Party

Gutta Percher & Balladeers
Gwadlys Street End

Halftime Oranges

Hammerton-Brown & The Crowd of Norwich
Harmony Blend

Harris & Hansen
Harry Gordon & Jack Holden

Harry Lauder
Harry Palmer

Harry Roden
Harvey Andrews

Harvey Andrews with Guest Narrator Malcolm Stent
Harvey Gardens & The Robins

Heart of Midlothian Football Club

Hearts Squad featuring Colin Chisholm and the Glasgow Branch
Hector Cortez & His Formation

Hector Nicol With The Kelvin Country Dance Band
Henry Turtle

Her Majesty The Queen
Herbert Gronemeyer feat. Amadou & Mariam

Herbert Gronemeyer feat. Amadou & Mariam, Herbert Grönemeyer feat. Amadou & Mariam
Hibernian Fc

Hibernian Football Team
Howard Booth

Hugh McLean & The Blue Gloves
Ian Lees

Ian St . Gomm

Ibrox Fc
Il Divo and Celine Dion

In Off The Bar
International Strikeforce

Ipswich Supporters Band
Ipswich Town

Ipswich Town F.C.
Irish Eyes

Ist Division
Jack Charlton

Jackin' The Box & DJ Fresh
James Broon and his Techno Trio

Jeep Beat Collective
Jenks Banjo Band

Jim Miekle
Jimmy Gallagher

Jimmy Greaves And The 1967 Spurs Squad
Jimmy Hill

Joe Fagin
John Hendley

John Holmes
John Leyton & The Orients

John Mitchell
John O'Malley

Johnny Cleveland
Johnny Cobnut

Johnny Haynes
Jorge Ben

Josh Richards
Juan Pablo Sorin - Argentina

Juan Roman Riquelme ? Argentina
Juninho Pernambucano - Brazil

Justin Fashanu
Kamikaze Valentines

Karl and the Heidlebergers featuring Chris (The Mouth) Ashley
Keel Row

Kelly Clarkson
kershaw & Nelson

Kershaw & Nelson feat The Hilton Crowd
Kev Mitchell

Kev Price and the City Strikers
Kevin Keegan

Kevin Phoenix
Kick'n'Rush featuring Longman

Kilmarnock Fc

Kirsty Baird
Kop Choir

Kop Diss
Krap Not 'Arf

Lady Helen Of Hampshire

Lady Helen Of Selhurst

Lee Brennan
Leicester City F.C. 1974

Leicester City Fc 1974
Les & Paul Barrett

Les Barrett
Lex Mclean & Rangers Football Team

Lex Mclean & The Rangers Football Team
Lex McLean and Rangers F.C.

Lex McLean and Rangers F.C., Nine In A Row, Sandy Scot, The Band of the Royal Air Force, The Broxi, The Govan Boys
Lightning Seeds

Lisa Rogers
Liverpool F. C. 1989 Squad

Liverpool F.C. 1971-72 Squad
Liverpool F.C. 1983 Squad

Liverpool F.C. 1989 Squad featuring Peter Howitt
Liverpool Fc 1989 Squad

Lloyd Hulme and the Supporters Band
London Celtic Lizzy

Looking For A Rainbow
Lord Fitzroy Coleman Band

Love Supreme
Lynn Carter

M.C.Mickey & DJ Brettski


Mad Jocks and Englishmen
Manchester City F.C.

Marco Gabbiadini

Mark Adams
Mark Donaldson

Mark Lazarus With Queens Park Rangers Fc & Supporters
Mark Lazarus With Queens Park Rangers Fc & Supporters, QPR Football Team 1972, Queens Park Rangers Fc 1974, The Bush Broadcasters

Mark Mansfield
Mark Mansfield & Colin Powell

Martin Kershaw

Maxi Rodriguez - Argentina
MC Mickey & DJ Brettski

Medium Wave Band

Mick Peat and Barry Coope
Micky Stockwell, Richard Wright and George Burley

Middlesbrough F.C.
Mike Wilson

Mohammed Alikarimi ? IRA

Moore, Hurst & Peters
Mourne Mountain Ramblers

Mr Abie

Mr Freaky and Funky and Dave W
Natalie Imbruglia

Nationwide England Supporters
Native Intelligence

Neil & Christine Hamilton
New Ground Feat. Middlesborough Fc

New Ground Featuring Middlesbrough F.C.
New Order

Newcastle United 1975-6 Squad
Newcastle United 1975-6 Squad & Bobby Webber

Nine In A Row
Njall Helle

Norwich City F.C

Norwich City F.C & Accent
Nottingham Forest Fc

Nottingham Forest With Paper Lace

Paul Ames

Paul Wyett
Peter Allan

Petr Cech ? CZE
Phil Bert & The Foxes

Planet Flex

Portsmouth F.C. Supporters, Fratton Park
Portsmouth Football Players and Southampton All Stars Orchestra

Pupils of St David's High School, Dalkeith

QPR Football Team 1972

Queens Park Rangers
Queens Park Rangers Fc 1974


Rainbow Choir
Rainbows Quest

Rangers Football Team
Ray Johnson accompanied by Jeremy Wooton

Ray Nardfox

Red & White Santas
Red Army

Red Baloon Soccer Crew
Red Devilry

Red Mist
Red Sky

Resistance 77
Richard Chorley

Richard Grainger & The Klondike Band
Richard Howells

Ricky Martin
Rig Mallows Trio

Rob Heron
Robbie Shepherd

Robert Lindsay and the Pride Park Posse
Rockin' Johnny Austin

Rockin' Ron
Ron Harris With Players And Fans

Ronnie Roker & The Black Cats
Rosie Roller & The Kids From The Bridge

Roy Green
Ruud Van Nistelrooy - Holland

Saint and the Tec Boys

Sandy Scot
Scotland World Cup Squad 1986

Scott Wynter and the Bluenotes
Scottish World Cup Squad 1978

Sean Gunnery

Serious Drinking
Shak Mad

Sham 69
Shanks' Pony

Sheffields Wednesday
Shep Wooley

Shep Wooley with Fratton Fred's Forgmore Five

Simon Bayliss
Simply Red & White

Simply Red and White
Sir Stanley Matthews

Skin, Jay & Dean

Slim Jim
Sons Of Victory

South Standers
Southampton F.C

Southampton F.C. With Milton Rhodes And The Archers
Southampton Fc with Milton Rhodes & The Archers

Spizz Energi


Stamford Bridge
Steve Brown

Steve Bull
Steve O'Connor

Steve Taylor
Steve Tilbury and the Blue Team

Steven North and the Flat Back Four
Stoke Fans

Sunderland F. A. Cup Final Squad 1992
Sunderlnd AFC Squad 1992

Super Love

Tartan Lads

Terry Burton
Terry Curran

Terry Venables and 1967 Spurs Squad
Terry Ward With Trevor Antony's Brass Foundation

The 1959 Version
The A Team

The Back 5
The Back Five

The Back Four
The Band of H. M. Royal Marines

The Band of the Royal Air Force
The Band Of the Royal Marines

The Bangers
The Barrie Brothers

The Believers
The Blaenavon Male Voice Choir

The Blue Boys Of Ibrox
The Blue Heckle Boys

The Bluebeats
The Bluenose Brothers

The Blues
The Blues Players 1968

The Bootroom Boys
The Bow Wow Men

The Boys From The Shed
The Boys In Blue

The Boys In Green
The Brian Rawlings Band

The Broxi

The Bush Broadcasters
The Business

The Carl Wynton Sound
The Cheers

The Cox Crew
The Crystal Band

The Eastern Eagles
The EFC Away Crew

The England Supporters Band
The Evergreens

The Everton Army
The Everton Supporters

The Fans
The Fanz

The Football Studs
The Football Supporters Band

The Fratton Faithful
The Freshies

The Ginger Nuts
The Glasgow Rangers Afc Boys Club

The Gorgie Boys
The Gorgie Choir

The Gorgie Noise
The Govan Boys

The Govan Boys featuring George Newlands
The Haynes Boys

The Hennesseys
The Hibee Quartet

The Highfield Terriers
The IASA Wembley Mix

The Ibrox Crew
The Ibrox Quartet

The Itch featuring Ian Page
The Jambo Tribe

The Jambos
The Jamtastics

The Jimmy Boco Experience
The Joe Jordanaires

The Jones Family
The Kopites

The Legend Lives On
The Leicester Lads

The Loftus Roadrunners
The Lower Tier

The Malleys
The Massed Band of the Royal Air Force

The Merry Men
The New City Sound

The New Hamptons
The Palace

The Peatdiggers and Peter Barry
The Pensioners

The Peristalsis Brothers
The Posh

The Premier League (featuring Billy Rankin)
The Premier League featuring Billy Rankin

The QPR Supporters
The Rams' Song

The Rangers
The Ray Dales Fine Band

The Ray Dales Hip Hop Band
The Red Brigade

The Red Karaoke Machine
The Reservoir Dons

The Reservoir Dons vs The West Bank Choir
The Riverside Ramblers

The Rockin' Berries
The Scammels

The School Of Science
The Shamrock Man

The Shamrock Men
The Small Heath Alliance

The Soul Survivors
The Southbank Two

The Spherical Brothers
The Squad

The Squad Accompanied By The Magnum Brass
The Stoke Boys

The Strands
The Strikers

The Strikers and Children of Selston Bagthorpe Primary School Choir
The Talksport Allstars

The Team of '91
The Toffee Rappers

The Totnamites
The Treble Twins & The First Team Squad

The Valley Boys
The Valley Slags

The Villa Sound
The Villa Squad

The Wednesdayites
The Wimbles

The Wolves Team 1967
The Wullie Malloy Choir

Tomas Rosicky - CZE

Toni Braxton
Tony Boy

Tony Christie
Tony Rees and the Cottagers

Top Gooner
Tottenham Hotspur Fc - The Totnamites

Towneley High School Brass Band
TPE Featuring Elle

Trevor Francis & Viv Anderson
Trevor Hockey

Tristam Shandy Feat. Chris (The Mouth) Ashley
True Blue Crew

True Blue Crew featuring Cael Chapman
Uncle Fester's Glasgow Lonely Hearts Club Band & Friends

United Nations

V.4. Villa

Vic Blackwell & Forest Supporters

Vinnie Jones
Viv Anderson & Friends

Viv Anderson and Trevor Francis
Wall Of Orange

Wedensday Kop Band
Wednesday Blues

Weekend Love
Whitney Houston

Will Young
Willie Rodgers

Wimbledon F.C.
Wimbledon Fc

Wolves 1980 League Cup Squad
Wolves 1988 Sherpa Van Trophy Squad


Young Stanley

Zlatan Ibrahimovic ? Sweden

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