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Eve Boswell Ringtones
Artist: Chick Lewis, Eve Boswell, Fabulous Flee-Rakkers, Joe Meek, John Leyton, Lee Sutton, Ricky Wayne, West Five - Cavaliers, Yolanda

Album: Work In Progress - The Triumph Sessions

Genre: Pop

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 1994

1Please Don't Touch West Five - Cavaliers  
2Til I Kissed Ya West Five - Cavaliers  
3Alabama Jubilee West Five - Cavaliers  
4Blues Stay Away From Me West Five - Cavaliers  
5Sea Cruise West Five - Cavaliers  
6Be Bop A Lula West Five - Cavaliers  
7Don't You Know West Five - Cavaliers  
8Shiftless Sam (Demo) Fabulous Flee-Rakkers  
9Some Kinda Earthquake Fabulous Flee-Rakkers  
10Brer Robert (Demo) Fabulous Flee-Rakkers  
11Buckeye Fabulous Flee-Rakkers  
12El Rancho Rock Fabulous Flee-Rakkers  
13Sunday Date (Demo) Fabulous Flee-Rakkers  
14Taboo Fabulous Flee-Rakkers  
15Summertime Fabulous Flee-Rakkers  
16North Wind Chick Lewis  
17With Someone Like You Chick Lewis  
18Say Baby Chick Lewis  
19Three Cute Chicks John Leyton  
20Hot Chick A 'Roo (Demo) Ricky Wayne  
21Bridge Of Avignon Eve Boswell  
22Hey 'Round The Corner Eve Boswell  
23With This Kiss (Demo) Yolanda  
24We Ain't Giving Nothing Away Lee Sutton  
25Keep Your Sunny Side Up Lee Sutton  
26Valley Of The Saroos- The Beat Of My Heart , I'm Waiting For Tomorrow Joe Meek  
27My Baby Doll (Two Takes) Joe Meek  
Artist: Eve Boswell

Album: Here In My Heart

Genre: Folk

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2006

1Pickin' A Chicken Eve Boswell  
2Ready Willing And Able Eve Boswell  
3Sugarbush Eve Boswell  
4I Believe Eve Boswell  
5Dear Hearts And Gentle People Eve Boswell  
6If Eve Boswell  
7Here In My Heart Eve Boswell  
8Skokiaan Eve Boswell  
9Blue Star Eve Boswell  
10Hi-Lili, Hi -Lo Eve Boswell  
11Young And Foolish Eve Boswell  
12Bridge Of Sighs Eve Boswell  
13Tika Tika Tok Eve Boswell  
14Im Yours Eve Boswell  
15All My Love Eve Boswell  
16Everything I Have Is Yours Eve Boswell  
17The Little Shoemaker Eve Boswell  
18If You Love Me (I Wont Care) Eve Boswell  
19Bewitched Eve Boswell  
20Romany Violin Eve Boswell  
21Moon Above Malaya Eve Boswell  
22On The Waterfront Eve Boswell  
23These Are The Things We'll Share Eve Boswell  
Artist: Alma Cogan, Alma Coogan, Bert Weedon, Bert Weedon & George Chisholm, Bert Weedon with George Chisholm, Deep River Boys, Diana Decker

Album: Great British Rock 'n' Roll - Just about as good as it gets

Genre: Rock

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2007

1Rock a beatin' boogie Deep River Boys  
2Giddy up a ding dong Ray Ellington  
3Rock with the caveman Tommy Steele & The Steelmen  
4Teach you to rock Tony Crombie & his Rockets  
5Boogie in the groove Winifred Atwell  
6Ain't that a shame The Southlanders  
7Seventeen Don Lang with the Langhorn Big Six  
8Honky Tonk Bert Weedon & George Chisholm  
9Shake, rattle & roll Deep River Boys  
10Bell bottom blues Alma Coogan  
11Stranded in the jungle Ray Ellington  
12Big city blues The Kirchin Band  
13Elevator rock Tommy Steele & The Steelmen  
14Don't nobody move Lee Lawrence  
15Oakie boogie Lita Roza  
16Yancey special Winifred Atwell  
17Blue suede shoes The Canadians  
18Why do fools fall in love Alma Coogan  
19My boy flat top Frankie Vaughn  
20I want you to be my baby Don Lang with the Langhorn Big Six  
21Doomsday rock Tommy Steele & The Steelmen  
22Shortin' bread rock Tony Crombie & his Rockets  
23Tweedle Dee The Kirchin Band  
24Rockin' through the rye The Candians  
25Sound Barrier boogie Thunderclap Jones  
26That's right Deep River Boys  
27Hamp's boogie woogie Winifred Atwell  
28Where in the world is Billy Eve Boswell  
29Rock 'n' Roll Opera Lee Lawrence  
30I didn't know Johnny Brandon  
31Rock around the clock Hedley Ward Trio  
32Whole wide world Deep River Boys  
33Let's you and I rock Tony Crombie & his Rockets  
34Rebel Rock Tommy Steele & The Steelmen  
35Jimmy Dorsey Boogie Winifred Atwell  
36Rock a boogie baby Diana Decker  
37(Oh baby) Beedleumbo The Kirchin Band  
38Rock 'n' Roll King Cole Eric Delaney Band & the Beryl Stott Group  
39D.R. Rock Bert Weedon with George Chisholm  
40Smack dab in the middle Deep River Boys  
41Rock around the town Tommy Steele & The Steelmen  
42Dreamboat Alma Cogan  
43Rock around the Island Don Lang with the Langhorn Big Six  
44I want you to be my baby Eric Jupp & the Coronets  
45Sham Rock Tony Crombie & his Rockets  
46Rock around the clock Deep River Boys  
47Juke box baby The Canadians  
48Singing the blues Tommy Steele & The Steelmen  
49Cross hands boogie Winifred Atwell  
50Five guys named Moe Ray Ellington Quartet  
51Rock 'n' Roll blues Don Lang with the Langhorn Big Six  
52Paper Kisses Alma Cogan  
53Strip the camshaft Ray Ellington Quartet  
54Vine Street Boogie Winifred Atwell  
55Whole lotta shakin' goin' on Deep River Boys  
56China Boogie Bert Weedon  
57Shim sham shuffle Johnny Brandon  
58Razzle dazzle-Shortnin' bread Rock Ken Jones & his Rock 'n' Rollers  
59Giddy up a ding dong-Saints Rock 'n' Roll Ken Jones & his Rock 'n' Rollers  
60ABC boogie Five Smith Brothers & The Dennis Wilson Quartet  
61She loves to rock The Stargazers  
62Rock a bye baby Johnny Brandon  
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