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Dov Davidoff Ringtones
Artist: Dov Davidoff

Album: The Point Is

Genre: Comedy

Format: WMA - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2008

1Vanessa, Starbucks, and My Bike Seat Dov Davidoff  
2Israel, Bus Stop, and a 2-Ply Dov Davidoff  
3Crazy People and the Guy in the Garbage Can Dov Davidoff  
4Playboy, Footlocker, and Peanut Butter Dov Davidoff  
5The Gay Man and the Walrus Dov Davidoff  
6Therapist, 'I Love You', and Thanksgiving Dov Davidoff  
7Vagina and Hollywood Animals Dov Davidoff  
8Big Titties, Glitter, and 'Don't Assume' Dov Davidoff  
9Pictures, Girls in a Group, and 'Let's Be Friends' Dov Davidoff  
10Pink Island, Necrophiliac, and Mushrooms Dov Davidoff  
11Lindsay, the President, and the Army Dov Davidoff  
12I Judge People, God, and Ray Charles Dov Davidoff  
13Love, Magnum, and Mood Lighting Dov Davidoff  
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