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Charles LaVere, Chicago Loopers Ringtones
Artist: The Venuti-Lang All Star Orchestra

Album: Big T - A Hundred Years From Today

Genre: Jazz

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2005

1Dr. Heckle And Mr. Jibe (Remastered) Benny Goodman  
2Beale Street Blues (Remastered) Benny Goodman, The Charleston Chasers  
3Chances Are (Remastered) Jack Teagarden  
4Davenport Blues (Remastered) Adrian Rollini  
5Muddy River Blues (Remastered) Jack Teagarden  
6Somebody Loves Me (Remastered) George Wettling, New Yorkers  
7S' Wonderful (Remastered) Frankie Trumbauer  
8Muskrat Ramble (Remastered) Bud Freeman, Famous Chicagoans  
9Stars Fell On Alabama (Remastered) Jack Teagarden, Famous Chicagoans  
10If I Could Be With You Tonight (Remastered) The V-Disc All Stars  
11High Society (Remastered) Jack Teagarden  
12Serenade To Shylock (Remastered) Eddie Condon, Windy City Seven  
13Lover (Remastered) Charles LaVere, Chicago Loopers  
14Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen (Remastered) Jack Teagarden  
15St. James Infirmary (Remastered) Louis Armstrong  
16Jack Hits The Road (Remastered) Bud Freeman, Famous Chicagoans  
17St. Louis Blues (Remastered) Jack Teagarden, Big Eight  
18Meet Me Where They Play The Blues (Remastered) Jack Teagarden  
19Baby, Won't You Please Come Home- (Remastered) Louis Armstrong  
20The Blues (Remastered) The Metronome All Star Band  
21Shine (Remastered) Jack Teagarden, Big Eight  
22Say It Simple So I Can Understand (Remastered) Jack Teagarden, Big Eight  
23Swingin' On The Teagarden Gate (Remastered) Jack Teagarden  
24Rockin' Chair (Remastered) Louis Armstrong  
25Octoroon (Remastered) Jack Teagarden  
26A Jam Session At Victor (Remastered) Jack Teagarden, Big Eight  
27Makin' Friends (Remastered) Eddie Condon, Footwarmers  
28I Swung The Election (Remastered) Jack Teagarden  
29My Kinda Love (Remastered) Ben Pollack, Park Central Orchestra  
30Knockin' A Jug (Remastered) Louis Armstrong  
31I've Got -It- (Remastered) Jack Teagarden, Chicagoans  
32A Hundred Years From Today (Remastered) Jack Teagarden  
33I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues (Remastered) Benny Goodman  
34Christmas Night In Harlem (Remastered) Paul Whiteman  
35She's A Great, Great Girl (Remastered) Roger Wolfe Kahn  
36Texas Tea Party (Remastered) Benny Goodman  
37Junk Man (Remastered) Jack Teagarden  
38After You're Gone (Remastered) The Venuti-Lang All Star Orchestra  
39Somebody Stole Gabriel's Horn (Remastered) Jack Teagarden, Chicagoans  
40Basin Street Blues (Remastered) Benny Goodman, The Charleston Chasers  
41Dinah (Remastered) Red Nichols, Five Pennies  
42You Rascal, You! (Remastered) Jack Teagarden  
43Ain't Cha Glad- (Remastered) Benny Goodman  
44The Sheik Of Araby (Remastered) Red Nichols, Five Pennies  
45I'm Gonna Stomp Mr. Henry Lee (Remastered) Eddie Condon, Hot Shots  
46That's A Serious Thing (Remastered) Eddie Condon, Hot Shots  
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