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C. P Spencer Ringtones
Artist: Barbara McNair, Beans Bowles & The Swinger Tygers, Benny Reeves, Betty Kelly, C. P Spencer, Frances Nero, Frank Wilson, Herman Griffin, Karen Pree

Album: The Best Of Motorcity

Genre: Blues

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2006

1Not One Chance In A Million Herman Griffin  
2Girl With A Broken Heart Karen Pree  
3Promises To Keep Frank Wilson  
4Down For The Third Time P. J  
5Somebody's Taken My Place The Lovetones  
6Fighting Back Mickey Denton  
7Mister Magician Rayber Voices  
8Brainstorm The Monitors  
9Attack Frances Nero  
10Weak Hearted Sherri Taylor  
11Straight On The Line Marilyn McLeod  
12Show You The Way To Love Benny Reeves  
13This Man Needs You C. P Spencer  
14I Need To Be Independent Betty Kelly  
15Standing In The Rain Rete Hoorelbeke  
16Law Of The Land The Undisputed Truth  
17Tomorrow Never comes Leeza Miller  
18Talking In My Sleep Barbara McNair  
19Without Your Love Ortheia Barnes  
20Michigan Beans Bowles & The Swinger Tygers  
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