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Big Electric Cat Ringtones
Artist: 45 Grave, Alien Sex Fiend, Ausgang, Big Electric Cat, Children On Stun, Christian Death, Corpus Delicti, Eva O Halo Experience, Executive Slacks

Album: This Is Gothic - The Bat Cave Anthology

Genre: Rock

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2006

1Moya (7? Version) Southern Death Cult  
2I Am A Horse (7? Version) Ausgang  
3Screams For Tina In Her House  
4Promised Land (7? Version) Skeletal Family  
5Snake Dance (12? Version) March Violets  
6Girlsoul Salvation  
7Seven Hail Marys Flesh For Lulu  
8Spinning Round (12? Crash Mix) Red Lorry Yellow Lorry  
9Tears Of A Star Super Heroines  
10Spectre Christian Death  
11Now I?m Feeling Zombified Alien Sex Fiend  
12Desire (12? White Label G.W. Childs Remix) Gene Loves Jezebel  
13Evil 45 Grave  
14Baby Turns Blue Virgin Prunes  
15The Bus (12- Version) Executive Slacks (  
16Sex Beat Sex Beat  
17New Skin New Skin  
18The Wiccaman Nosferatu  
19Patient Corpus Delicti  
20Permanent Red Usherhouse  
21Gothic Girl The 69 Eyes  
22Mr. 44 The Electric Hellfire Club  
23Children Of The Night Eva O Halo Experience  
24Nazarene The Wake  
25Cyberium (On Speed) Razed In Black  
26The Witch (Extended 12? Version) Rosetta Stone  
27Orchid Dreaming Big Electric Cat  
28Turn To Stone LeŠther Strip  
29Criminal Control HERDS  
30Gutter Glitter Switchblade Symphony  
31Belladonna & Aconite Inkubus Sukubus  
32Sidelined Children On Stun  
33The Omen Two Witches  
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