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Atomkraft Ringtones
Artist: Atomkraft

Album: Total Metal- The Neat Anthology

Genre: Rock

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2004

1Queen Of Death Atomkraft  
2The Cage Atomkraft  
3Heat And Pain Atomkraft  
4Future Warriors Atomkraft  
5Total Metal (Bonus Track- 1983 Demo Version) Atomkraft  
6Trial By Deception (Bonus Track- Previously Unreleased) Atomkraft  
7Demolition Boyz (Bonus Track- Previously Unreleased) Atomkraft  
8Dance Of The Immortals (Bonus Track- Previously Unreleased) Atomkraft  
9Demolition Atomkraft  
10Annihilate The Bride (Bonus Track- Previously Unreleased) Atomkraft  
11Vision Of Belshazzar (Bonus Track- Previously Unreleased Live Version) Atomkraft  
12Death Valley (Bonus Track- 1983 Demo Version) Atomkraft  
13Your Mentor Atomkraft  
14Mode 3 Atomkraft  
15Foliage (Bonus Track- Previously Unreleased) Atomkraft  
16Requiem Atomkraft  
17Teutonic Pain Atomkraft  
18Rich Bitch Atomkraft  
19Protector Atomkraft  
20Burn In Hell Atomkraft  
21Vision Of Belshazzar Atomkraft  
22Funeral Pyre Atomkraft  
23Foliage Atomkraft  
24This Planet's Burning-Death Valley Atomkraft  
25Warzone Atomkraft  
26Dead Man's Hand Atomkraft  
27Pour The Metal In Atomkraft  
28Total Metal Atomkraft  
29Starchild Atomkraft  
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