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The Cascades
Artist: Guy Mitchell, Johnnie Ray, Little Richard, Jimmy Rodgers, Danny And The Juniors, Pat Boone, The Diamonds, Bobby Day, The Coasters, Duane Eddy, Lloyd Price, Frankie Avalon, Frankie Ford, Johnny & The Hurricanes, The Fleetwoods, Biily Fury, Bobby Rydell, Bobby Vee, Brook Benton, Del Shannon, Billy Fury, The Shangri - Las, Bruce Channel, The Cascades, The Chantays, The Chffons, The Drifters, Crew Cuts, The Crystals, The Marcels, The Platters, The Surfaris, The Ventures, Tommy Roe, Bobby Helms, The Harptones, The CleffTones, The Keytones, The Supremes With Ruth McFadden, Gene Mumford And The Serenaders, The Bonnevilles, The Five Crowns, The Earls, The Fi- Tones, The Clefftones, The Blenders, The Tremaines, The Royal Tones, The Vocaleers

Album: We Love Rock N Roll

Genre: RockNRoll

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2005

1 Singing The Blues Guy Mitchell               
2 Just Walking In The Rain Johnnie Ray               
3 Long Tall Sally Little Richard               
4 Kisses Sweter Than Wine Jimmy Rodgers               
5 At The Hop Danny And The Juniors               
6 Love Letters In The Sand Pat Boone               
7 Little Darlin The Diamonds               
8 Rocking Robin Bobby Day               
9 Yakety Yak The Coasters               
10 Rebel Rouser Duane Eddy               
11 Stagger Lee Lloyd Price               
12 Venus Frankie Avalon               
13 Sea Cruise Frankie Ford               
14 Red River Rock Johnny & The Hurricanes               
15 Come Softly To Me The Fleetwoods               
16 Wondrous Place Biily Fury               
17 Wild One Bobby Rydell               
18 Rubber Ball Bobby Vee               
19 A Rockin' Good Way (To Mess Around And Fall In Love) Brook Benton               
20 Runaway Del Shannon               
21 Halfway To Paradise Billy Fury               
22 Leader Of The Pack The Shangri - Las               
23 Run To Him Bobby Vee               
24 Hey! Baby Bruce Channel               
25 Rhythm Of The Rain The Cascades               
26 Pipeline The Chantays               
27 He's So Fine The Chffons               
28 Save The Last Dance For Me The Drifters               
29 Charlie Brown The Coasters               
30 Earth Angel Crew Cuts               
31 Then He Kissed Me The Crystals               
32 Little Town Flirt Del Shannon               
33 Why Frankie Avalon               
34 Lucille Little Richard               
35 Blue Moon The Marcels               
36 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes The Platters               
37 Wipe Out The Surfaris               
38 Walk-Don?t Run The Ventures               
39 Sheila Tommy Roe               
40 My Special Angel Bobby Helms               
41 Life's But A Dream The Harptones               
42 My Dearest Darlin The CleffTones               
43 Seven Wonders Ofg The World The Keytones               
44 Darling Listen To The Words Of This Song The Supremes With Ruth McFadden               
45 Please Give Me One More Chance Gene Mumford And The Serenaders               
46 Zu Zu The Bonnevilles               
47 Good Luck Darlin The Five Crowns               
48 I Believe The Earls               
49 My Faith The Fi- Tones               
50 Gloria The Clefftones               
51 But I Know The Blenders               
52 Lorraine The Bonnevilles               
53 Remember Then The Earls               
54 Jingle Jingle The Tremaines               
55 Crazy Love The Royal Tones               
56 I Need Your Love So Bad The Vocaleers               
57 Two In Love The Royal Tones               
58 Life Is But A Dream The Earls               
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