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Kentucky Ramblers
Artist: Jimmie Rodgers, Carter Family, Riley Puckett, Roy Acuff, Bob Wills, Sons of the pioneers, Tex Ritter, Patsy Montana, Kentucky Ramblers, Sam McGee, Cliff Carlisle, Grayson and Whitter, Gene Autry, Monroe Brothers, Elton Britt, Milton Brown, Ernest Phipps, Delmore brothers, Riley Phipps, Dal Dexter, Bill Monroe, Allen Brothers, Dick Justice

Album: Pre War Country

Genre: Country

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2005

1 Blue Yodel (T for Texas) Jimmie Rodgers               
2 Wabash Canon Ball Carter Family               
3 The cat came back Riley Puckett               
4 Wreck on the highway Roy Acuff               
5 Cotton eyed Joe Bob Wills               
6 Cigarettes and Whiskey and wild, wild women Sons of the pioneers               
7 Rye whiskey Tex Ritter               
8 I want to be a cowboy's sweetheart Patsy Montana               
9 The unfortunate brakeman Kentucky Ramblers               
10 In the jail house now Jimmie Rodgers               
11 Railroad blues Sam McGee               
12 The Hobo's fate Cliff Carlisle               
13 Tom Dooley Grayson and Whitter               
14 Rhythm of the range Gene Autry               
15 All the good times Monroe Brothers               
16 Little brown jug Sons of the pioneers               
17 Chimebells Elton Britt               
18 Single girl, married girl Carter Family               
19 Mama don't allow it Milton Brown               
20 If the light has gone Ernest Phipps               
21 Brown's ferry blues Delmore brothers               
22 Away out there Riley Phipps               
23 Honky tonk blues Dal Dexter               
24 Waiting for a train Jimmie Rodgers               
25 Tumbling tumbleweeds Gene Autry               
26 Orange blossom special Bill Monroe               
27 Great speckled bird Roy Acuff               
28 Muleskinner blues Jimmie Rodgers               
29 Back in the saddle again Gene Autry               
30 Wildwood flower Carter Family               
31 Street of Laredo Elton Britt               
32 Pan American Man Cliff Carlisle               
33 New San Antonio Rose Bob Wills               
34 Puckett's blues Riley Puckett               
35 I want to go Ernest Phipps               
36 Hesita-tion blues Milton Brown               
37 Ain't that skippin' and flyin' Allen Brothers               
38 Frankie and Johnny Jimmie Rodgers               
39 You are my sunshire Gene Autry               
40 Train Grayson and Whitter               
41 With my mother Kentucky Ramblers               
42 Brownskin blues Dick Justice               
43 Red River Valley Elton Britt               
44 John Handy Carter Family               
45 Grandfather's clock Sons of the pioneers               
46 Shanghai Rooster Yodel No.2 Cliff Carlisle               
47 What's the matter with the mill- Bob Wills               
48 A little talk with Jesus Ernest Phipps               
49 Sinner you better get ready Monroe Brothers               
50 Will the circle be unbroken- Carter Family               
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