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Artist: Apeman, Aqualads, Baronics, Big Ray, The Futuras, Bradipos Four, Chubbles, Cosmonauti, Deadbolt, Fabulous Planktones, Fifty Foot Combo, Hi - Fi Ramblers, Mini Valley Taters, Mummy the Peepshow, Nose Riders, Petty Booka, Pollo Del Mar, Seks Bomba, Squid Vicious, Surfones, Susan and The Surftones, Tiki Tones, Ritchie Venus, Voodoo court, Waistcoats, Wrong Corpses

Album: That's New Pussycat Surf Tribute To Burt Bacharach

Genre: Rock

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2008

1 24 Hours From Tulsa Apeman               
2 The Blob Aqualads               
3 Trains And Boats And Planes Baronics               
4 Casino Royale Theme Big Ray, The Futuras               
5 Baby, It's You Bradipos Four               
6 God Give Me Strength Chubbles               
7 The Look Of Love Cosmonauti               
8 Raindrops Keep Fallin'On My Head Deadbolt               
9 The Windows Of The World Fabulous Planktones               
10 Italian Fuzz Fifty Foot Combo               
11 Baby, It's You Hi - Fi Ramblers               
12 Walk On By Mini Valley Taters               
13 Raindrops Keep Fallin'On My Head Mummy the Peepshow               
14 This guy's in love With You Nose Riders               
15 Baby, It's You Petty Booka               
16 I Say A Little Prayer Pollo Del Mar               
17 Do You Know The Way To San JosŤ Seks Bomba               
18 Close To You Squid Vicious               
19 Bond Street Surfones               
20 The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Susan and The Surftones               
21 What's New Pussycat Tiki Tones               
22 Anyone Who Had A Heart Ritchie Venus               
23 Always Something There To Remind Me Voodoo court               
24 Downhill and Shady Waistcoats               
25 Trains And Boats And Planes Wrong Corpses               
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