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Arthropod Vector Ringtones
Artist: Arthropod Vector, Condeucent, Deuce, Duotron, El Niņo, Jaks, Math, Mother Country Death Rattle, Quintron, Slope, The Flying Luttenbachers

Album: CIA via UFO to Mercury

Genre: Rock

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2006

1The Sequential The Scissor Girls  
2Polarized Slope  
3Dawning of a New Sound System Trenchmouth  
4Another! Duotron  
5Dead Stick Horse- Jaks  
6The Tarantula Spasm Stomp Mother Country Death Rattle  
7Pangea (A World Apart) El Niņo  
8001 Quintron  
9Gorilla Math  
10Engaged In Demonic Velocities The Flying Luttenbachers  
11Dan't! Duotron  
12Baby, Baby Condeucent  
13Powerful Lies Arthropod Vector  
14Transistor Man Deuce  
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