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Antimuro Ringtones
Artist: Antimuro, Blastula, Bruce Anderson- Brutality, Carbon, Chrome Cranks, Crescent, E.A.R., Eleventh Dream Day, Gerry Miles & Alan Licht

Album: Out of Their Mouths- An Atavistic Compilation

Genre: Rock

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2006

1Fool on Ice Chrome Cranks  
2Red Alert Teenage Jesus & the Jerks  
33-E MARS  
4Sun Crescent  
5An Excerpt from Universal Infiltrators Lydia Lunch  
6Weird 9 The Scissor Girls  
7Have Another Drink MX80  
8Brain-Trust Antimuro  
9You Got Me Theoretical Girls  
10When You Smile The Dream Syndicate  
11The Difference Between Right and Wrong Wynn - Rizzo - Bean - Gay  
12Million Tears Tigerlilies  
13Eye Job Wolverton Brothers  
14I Got a Thing? Eleventh Dream Day  
15Fuzz - Locusts Lee Ranaldo  
16Rooney Olson Gerry Miles & Alan Licht  
17Spring Training Wharton Tiers  
18Symphony No. 10- 2nd Movement Glenn Branca  
19The Crumb Lydia Lunch & Thurston Moore  
20Interlude E.A.R.  
21Limited Edition Vandermark Five  
22Rapture Blastula  
23Onyx-Xyno Carbon  
24La Marcha del Dragon Raeo  
25You Just Kill Me Gordy Horn Infusion  
26Lebanon Bruce Anderson- Brutality  
27Bejazzo Gets a Face Lift NRG Ensemble  
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