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Angry Hats (France) Ringtones
Artist: The Filth, The Varukers, XXX

Album: Rot In Hell

Genre: Rock

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 1996

1Annihilator Out Of Order  
2The Fugitive Overdose  
3Emmerdale Farm The Filth  
4Shall We Shan't We- No Concern  
5The Bomb Blast The Varukers  
6I Can See Through You Constant State  
7Thugs In Uniform Oi Polloi  
8Buy 'N' Roll XXX  
9Fighting Factions D.O.S  
10Fry Freshly  
11Liar Bleed  
12The Joke's On Me Resistance 77  
13One More Time Overdose  
14Lynching Party (Let's All Have A Swinging Time) Out Of Order  
15Angry Hats (France) Angry Hats (France)  
16Oi Polloi Oi Polloi  
17No Concern No Concern  
18Bleed Bleed  
20Constant State Constant State  
21Freshly Freshly  
22D.O.S D.O.S  
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