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Anemic Ringtones
Artist: Aiden, Anemic

Album: Kerrang! New Breed

Genre: Rock

Format: WMA - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2006

1Re- They Have No Reflections Bring Me The Horizon  
2Roll Over The Zico Chain  
3The Crushing Of The Little People Sucioperro  
4The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe Gojira  
5Wasteland Rainydayfuckparade  
6Violence And Pictures In Case Of Fire  
7For The Innocent (Rough Mix) Ted Maul  
84 Words (To Choke Upon) Bullet For My Valentine  
9To The Death Architects  
10Die Romantic Aiden  
11That?s What She Said The Automatic  
12Put Up A Fight My Awesome Compilation  
13The Formula Anemic  
14Call To Arms Dopamine  
15Oh Yes, There Will Be Blood Flood Of Red  
16You?ve Made Us Conscious The Audition  
17Queenie Brigade  
18Operation- Impending Doom Rest  
19Neurotic McQueen  
20Devil In The Vein I-DEF-I  
21A Little Bit Sign  
22This Is Your Cue Take The Crown  
23The Reaper Waits Mendeed  
24Fifteen Part 2 iForward Russia!  
25Twilight Of The Flies Send More Paramedics  
26Me, Me, Me Kids In Glass Houses  
27Sex In Your Mouth Gay For Johnny Depp  
28In The Belly Of A Shark Gallows  
29Resume Ignore Exit Ten  
30Hard Slammin? The Blackout  
31Enter Shikari Enter Shikari  
32Cry Junkie (Out Of Luck Son) The Scare  
33Well Well Well Left Side Brain  
34A Machine- The Rhythm Thief Midasuno  
35Darkness Prevails Devil Sold His Soul  
36Look Mum No Hands Strong Like Ox  
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