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Drum Crazy Ringtones
Artist: Jack Costanzu, Eric Delaney, Chick Webb, Kenny Clarke, Buddy Schutz, Shelly Manne, Maurice Pertill, Gene Krupa, George Whettling, Dave Clifford, Phil Seaman, Dick Shananan, Frank Carlson, Bobby Kevin, Buddy Rich,

Album: Drum Crazy

Genre: Jazz

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2008

1 Bongo Riff Jack Costanzu    
2 Oranges And Lemons Eric Delaney    
3 Liza Chick Webb    
4 Delaney's Delight Eric Delaney    
5 Skin Deep Kenny Clarke    
6 A Man And His Drum Buddy Schutz    
7 Artistry In Percussion Shelly Manne    
8 American Patrol Maurice Pertill    
9 Disc Jockey Jump Gene Krupa    
10 Jungle Drums George Whettling    
11 Wire Brush Stomp Gene Krupa    
12 Bring On The Drums Dave Clifford    
13 Sun Valley Jump Maurice Pertill    
14 Knockout. Phil Seaman    
15 Leave Us Leap Gene Krupa    
16 Leap Frog Dick Shananan    
17 At The Woodchopers' Ball Frank Carlson    
18 Trip To Mars Phil Seaman    
19 Crew Cut Bobby Kevin    
20 Air Express Bobby Kevin    
21 Up An' Atom Gene Krupa    
22 Not So Quit Please Buddy Rich    
23 Fur Tapper Ball Frank Carlson    
24 Kick Off Phil Seaman    
25 Quiet Please (It's The Drummer In Me) Buddy Rich    

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