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American Graffiti Revisited Ringtones
Artist: Moto Litas, Richie Venus, Susan and The Surftones, Voodoo court, Rogers Sisters, B.C., 5 Speeds, Capacitors, Bully, Buzards, Kahuna Kawentzmann, Waistcoats, Cosmonauti, Creatures Of The Golden Dawn, Surfones, Daika‹u, Sit 'n Spin, Aqualas, Fabulous Planktones, Bikini Men, Strangemen, Big Fat Combo, Dipsomaniacs, Noseriders, Greg, Big Ray, The Futuras, Wrong Corpses, Bluejays, Petty Booka, X-Impossibles, Bradipos Four, Squid Vicious, Hi - Fi Ramblers, Deoras, Atlantics, Jem Crossland, Hypertonics, Mel Previte, The Gangaster of Love, Paul Jonson, Mookie Brill, Fifty Foot Combo, Urban Surf King, CandyEyeSlugger, Drifting Sand

Album: American Graffiti Revisited

Genre: Rock

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2008

1 (We're Gonna) Rock Round the Clock Moto Litas    
2 Sixteen Candles Richie Venus    
3 Runaway Susan and The Surftones    
4 Why Do Fools Fall In Love Voodoo court    
5 That'll be the Day Rogers Sisters    
6 Fanny Mae B.C., 5 Speeds    
7 At The Hop Capacitors    
8 She's So Fine Bully    
9 The Stroll Buzards    
10 See You In September Kahuna Kawentzmann    
11 Surfin' Safari Waistcoats    
12 He's The Great Imposter Cosmonauti    
13 Almost Grown Creatures Of The Golden Dawn    
14 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Surfones    
15 Little Darlin' Daika‹u    
16 Peppermint Twist Sit 'n Spin    
17 Barbara Ann Aqualas    
18 Book of Love Fabulous Planktones    
19 Maybe Baby Bikini Men    
20 Ya Ya Strangemen    
21 The Great Pretender Big Fat Combo    
22 Ain'tThat A Shane Dipsomaniacs    
23 Johnny B. Goode Noseriders, Greg    
24 I Only Have Eyes For You Big Ray, The Futuras    
25 Get A Job Wrong Corpses    
26 To The Aisle Bluejays    
27 Do You Wanna Dance Petty Booka    
28 Party Doll X-Impossibles    
29 Come Go With Me Bradipos Four    
30 You're Sixteen-You're Beautiful Squid Vicious    
31 Love Potions No.9 Hi - Fi Ramblers    
32 Since I Don't Have You Deoras    
33 Chantilly Lace Atlantics    
34 Teen Angel Jem Crossland, Hypertonics    
35 Crying In The Chapel Mel Previte, The Gangaster of Love    
36 A Thousands Miles Away Paul Jonson    
37 Heart And Soul Mookie Brill    
38 Green Onios Fifty Foot Combo    
39 Only You (and you alone) Urban Surf King    
40 Goodnight, Well It's Time To Go CandyEyeSlugger    
41 All Summer Long Drifting Sand    

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