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Delta Blues Ringtones
Artist: Mississippi John Hurt, Big Bill Broonzy, Bukka White, Bo Carter, Mississippi Sheikhs, Charly Patton, Robert Johnson, Big Joe William, Arthur - Big Boy-crudup, Son House, Joe Calicott, Skip James, Tommy Johnson, J.d Short, The Delta Boys,

Album: Delta Blues

Genre: Blues

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 1996

1 Ain't no Telling Mississippi John Hurt    
2 Frankie Mississippi John Hurt    
3 Mississippi River Blues Big Bill Broonzy    
4 How You want it done - Big Bill Broonzy    
5 Special steam lines Bukka White    
6 Parchman farm blues Bukka White    
7 Banana in your fruit basket Bo Carter    
8 Driving that thing Mississippi Sheikhs    
9 Hang it on the wall Charly Patton    
10 I believe i'll dust my broom Robert Johnson    
11 Phonograph blues Robert Johnson    
12 I'm getting wild about her Big Joe William    
13 Meet me around the corner Big Joe William    
14 Who's been foolin' you Arthur - Big Boy-crudup    
15 Keep your arms around me Arthur - Big Boy-crudup    
16 Special rider Blues Son House    
17 Traveling Mama Blues Joe Calicott    
18 Far thee well blues Joe Calicott    
19 Cherry ball blues Skip James    
20 Canned heat blues Tommy Johnson    
21 Tennesse peaches blues J.d Short    
22 Black gal swing The Delta Boys    

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