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The hollywood musical Ringtones
Artist: Al Jolson, Fanny Brice, Maurice Chevalier, Charles King, Bebe Daniel, Jeanette Mc Donald, Paul Witeman, Bing Crosby & Mills Brothers, Ruby Keeler, Chorus & Orchestra, Ruby Keeler, James Cagney, Bing Crosby, Ginger Rogers, Dick Powell, Ruby Keeler, Dick Powell, Shirley Temple, Fred Astair, Alice Faye, Winifred Shaw, Alan Jones, Ethel Merman, Paul Robeson, Jeanette Mc Donald, Nelson Eddy, Judy Garland, Eleanor Powell, James Stewart, Ginger Rogers, Fred Astair, Groucho Marx, Deanna Durbin, Kate Smith, Tony Martin, Carmen Miranda, Glenn Miller & Orchestra, Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland & Gene Kelly, Fred Astair & Rita Hayworth, Lena Horne, Frances Wayne, Gene Kelly, Xavier Cugat, Dick Haymes, Frank Sinatra,

Album: The hollywood musical

Genre: Soundtrack

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 1996

1 Toot,toot,tootsie goodbye Al Jolson    
2 My man Fanny Brice    
3 Ma louise Maurice Chevalier    
4 Broadway melodie Charles King    
5 You're always in my arms Bebe Daniel    
6 You brought a new kind of love to me Maurice Chevalier    
7 Beyond the blue horizon Jeanette Mc Donald    
8 A bench in the park Paul Witeman    
9 Sweepin' the clouds away Maurice Chevalier    
10 Dinha Bing Crosby & Mills Brothers    
11 Mimi Maurice Chevalier    
12 Forty second street Ruby Keeler    
13 I've got to sing a torch song Chorus & Orchestra    
14 Shangai lil Ruby Keeler, James Cagney    
15 Temptation Bing Crosby    
16 Music makes me Ginger Rogers    
17 I only have eyes for you Dick Powell, Ruby Keeler    
18 The continental Ginger Rogers    
19 I'll string along with you Dick Powell    
20 Waltz Jeanette Mc Donald    
21 Good night, lovely little lady Bing Crosby    
22 On the good ship lolliipop Shirley Temple    
23 Cheek to cheek Fred Astair    
24 Oh! didn't know you'd get that way Alice Faye    
25 Lulu4s back in town Dick Powell    
26 Animal crackers in my soup Shirley Temple    
27 Lullaby of broadway Winifred Shaw    
28 Cosi cosa Alan Jones    
29 I get a kick out of you Ethel Merman    
30 Old man river Paul Robeson    
31 Indian love call Jeanette Mc Donald, Nelson Eddy    
32 The way you look tonight Fred Astair    
33 Sing baby sing Alice Faye    
34 The balboa Judy Garland    
35 Easy to love Eleanor Powell, James Stewart    
36 Will you remember Jeanette Mc Donald, Nelson Eddy    
37 This year's kiss Alice Faye    
38 Let's call the whole thing off Ginger Rogers, Fred Astair    
39 Sweet leilani Bing Crosby    
40 Alexander's rigtime band Alice Faye    
41 Swing me an old fashioned song Shirley Temple    
42 Change partners Fred Astair    
43 Lydia the tatooed lady Groucho Marx    
44 I'm just wild about harry Judy Garland    
45 Rose of the washington square Alice Faye    
46 Over the rainbow Judy Garland    
47 Waltzing in the clouds Deanna Durbin    
48 Our love affair Judy Garland    
49 The last time i saw paris Kate Smith    
50 You stepped out of dream Tony Martin    
51 I yi,yi, yi, like you very much Carmen Miranda    
52 Chattanogga choo choo Glenn Miller & Orchestra    
53 Dream dancing Fred Astair    
54 The man with the lollipop song Carmen Miranda    
55 How about you Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney    
56 That old black magic Glenn Miller & Orchestra    
57 White christmas Bing Crosby    
58 For me and my gal Judy Garland & Gene Kelly    
59 Dearly beloved Fred Astair & Rita Hayworth    
60 The lady in the tutti fruti hat Carmen Miranda    
61 Could you use me - Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney    
62 Stormy weather Lena Horne    
63 Happiness is just a thing called joe Frances Wayne    
64 Can't help singing Deanna Durbin    
65 Swinging on a star Bing Crosby    
66 Put me to the test Gene Kelly    
67 The trolley song Judy Garland    
68 Bim bam boom Xavier Cugat    
69 The more i see you Dick Haymes    
70 I fall in love too easily Frank Sinatra    

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