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The Great British Dance Bands Ringtones
Artist: Jack Hylton, Jay Wilbur, Nat Gonella, Jack Jackson, Mantovani, Harry Roy, Geraldo, Victor Silvester, Jack Payne, Mrs Jack Hylton, Lew Stone, Ambrose & His Orchestra, Bert Firman, Sid Phillips, Ray Noble, Henry Hall, Joe Loss, Brian Lawrance, Roy Fox, Carroll Gibbons, Louis Levy, Billy Cotton

Album: The Great British Dance Bands

Genre: Jazz

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2006

1 Did You Mean It- Jack Hylton    
2 Just As Long As The World Goes Round and Around Jay Wilbur    
3 Mister Rhythm Man Nat Gonella    
4 You Turned Your Head Jack Jackson    
5 Let's Fall in Love For The Last Time Mantovani    
6 Temptation Rag Harry Roy    
7 Walkin' By the River Geraldo    
8 Crazy Rhythm Victor Silvester    
9 Organ Grinder's Swing Jack Payne    
10 Plain Mary Jane Mrs Jack Hylton    
11 Stars Fell on Alabama Lew Stone    
12 I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan Ambrose & His Orchestra    
13 My Pet Bert Firman    
14 Palais De Danse Sid Phillips    
15 Shout For Happiness Ray Noble    
16 Got To Dance My Way To Heaven Henry Hall    
17 You Go To My Head Joe Loss    
18 One In a Million Brian Lawrance    
19 I've Got Beginners Luck Roy Fox    
20 From The Top Of Your Head Carroll Gibbons    
21 The Eyes of the World are On You Louis Levy    
22 My Heart Belongs To Daddy Billy Cotton    

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