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Sophistication Ringtones
Artist: Carroll Gibbons, Jack Buchanan, Hildegarde, Elisabeth Welch, Fred Astaire, Jessie Matthews, Marlene Dietrich, Noel Coward, Gertrude Lawrence Benny Carter, Greta Keller, Hutch,

Album: Sophistication

Genre: Jazz

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2006

1 Top Hat, White Tie And Tails Carroll Gibbons    
2 Dancing Honeymoon Jack Buchanan    
3 Darling, je vous aime beacoup Hildegarde    
4 Drop In Next Time You're Passing Elisabeth Welch    
5 The Way You Look Tonight Fred Astaire    
6 One Little Kiss From You Jessie Matthews    
7 Falling In Love Again Marlene Dietrich    
8 Where Are The Songs We Sung- Noel Coward    
9 Things Are Looking Up Fred Astaire    
10 The Touch Of Your Lips Hildegarde    
11 Just Let Me Look At You Noel Coward    
12 Limehouse Blues-You Were Meant For Me-Do Gertrude Lawrence    
13 Nightfall Benny Carter    
14 So Little Time Greta Keller    
15 I Poured My Heart Into A Song Hutch    
16 You Do Something To Me Marlene Dietrich    

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