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The Age Of Style - Hits of the 30s Ringtones
Artist: Frances Day, Elisabeth Welch, Jack Buchanan, Django Reinhardt, Noel Coward, Ginger Rogers, Hutch, Hildegarde, Carroll Gibbons, Marion Harris, Layton & Johnstone, Fred Astaire, Greta Keller, Al Bowlly, Raie Da Costa, Jessie Matthews, Coleman Hawkins, Turner Layton, Dorothy Carless, Adelaide Hall, Benny Carter,

Album: The Age Of Style - Hits of the 30s

Genre: Jazz

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2006

1 How Do You Do, Mr Right- Frances Day    
2 The Girl I Knew Elisabeth Welch    
3 Leave A Little For Me Jack Buchanan    
4 Moonglow Django Reinhardt    
5 Love In Bloom Noel Coward    
6 Let Yourself Go Ginger Rogers    
7 May I Have The Next Romance With You Hutch    
8 I Believe In Miracles Hildegarde    
9 Sing, Baby, Sing - You Turned The Tables On Me Carroll Gibbons    
10 Would You Like To Take A Walk- Marion Harris    
11 Looking On The Bright Side Layton & Johnstone    
12 Change Partners Fred Astaire    
13 Would You- Greta Keller    
14 South Of The Border Al Bowlly    
15 With Thee I Swing Carroll Gibbons    
16 After You, Who- Fred Astaire    
17 Down By The River Hutch    
18 A Thousand Goodnights Raie Da Costa    
19 You Carroll Gibbons    
20 Deep In A Dream Greta Keller    
21 It's De-Lovely Hutch    
22 By The Fireside Jessie Matthews    
23 Roll Along, Prairie Moon Al Bowlly    
24 I Wish I Were Twins Coleman Hawkins    
25 Deep Purple Turner Layton    
26 Love Locked Out Al Bowlly    
27 Heart and Soul Dorothy Carless    
28 Everything I Have Is Yours Al Bowlly    
29 Did You Ever See A Dream Walking- Frances Day    
30 I've Got You Under My Skin Carroll Gibbons    
31 I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket Ginger Rogers    
32 Don't Blame Me Hutch    
33 Harlem In My Heart Elisabeth Welch    
34 Heaven Can Wait Turner Layton    
35 Transatlantic Lullaby Adelaide Hall    
36 We Were So Young Noel Coward    
37 It's An Old Southern Custom Carroll Gibbons    
38 You Hit the Spot - I Feel Like A Feather In The Bree Carroll Gibbons    
39 One More Kiss Jessie Matthews    
40 Flying Down To Rio Fred Astaire    
41 Lamplight Greta Keller    
42 When Day Is Done Benny Carter    
43 I Still Love To Kiss You Goodnight Hutch    
44 I Think I Can Jack Buchanan    
45 Stairway To The Stars Greta Keller    
46 Remember Me- Hutch    
47 Dancing On The Ceiling Jessie Matthews    
48 Smoke Rings Django Reinhardt    
49 The Glory Of Love Hildegarde    
50 Living In Clover Jack Buchanan    

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