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When Lights Are Low Ringtones
Artist: Benny Carter, Benny Carter, Oscar Peterson, Buddy Rich, Lionel Hampton, Benny Carter, Chocolate Dandies, The Chocolate Dandies, The Capitol International Jazzmen, Fletcher Henderson, Spike Hughes, McKinney's Cotton Pickers, Coleman Hawkins, All Star Jam Band, Wille Lewis,

Album: When Lights Are Low

Genre: Jazz

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2004

1 All Of Me (Remastered) Benny Carter    
2 Poniciana (Remastered) Benny Carter    
3 Pick Yourself Up (Remastered) Benny Carter, Oscar Peterson, Buddy Rich    
4 More Than You Know (Remastered) Benny Carter    
5 Jump Call (Remastered) Benny Carter    
6 Shoe Shiner's Drag (Remastered) Lionel Hampton    
7 The Fable Of A Fool (Remastered) Benny Carter    
8 Cadillac Slim (Remastered) Benny Carter, Chocolate Dandies    
9 Shufflebag Shuffle (Remastered) Benny Carter    
10 Smack (Remastered) The Chocolate Dandies    
11 Sunday (Remastered) Benny Carter    
12 Prelude To A Kiss (Remastered) Benny Carter    
13 Sleep (Remastered) Benny Carter    
14 Riffamarole (Remastered) The Capitol International Jazzmen    
15 Gone With The Wind (Remastered) Benny Carter, Oscar Peterson, Buddy Rich    
16 Malibu (Remastered) Benny Carter    
17 St. Louis Blues (Remastered) Benny Carter    
18 I Surrender, Dear (Remastered) Benny Carter    
19 I Can't Believe You're In Love With Me (Remastered) Benny Carter    
20 Sweet Georgia Brown (Remastered) Benny Carter, Chocolate Dandies    
21 I'm In The Mood For Swing (Remastered) Lionel Hampton    
22 Long Ago And Far Away (Remastered) Benny Carter, Oscar Peterson, Buddy Rich    
23 Melancholy Lullaby (Remastered) Benny Carter    
24 Back Bay Boogie (Remastered) Benny Carter    
25 O.K. For Baby (Remastered) Benny Carter    
26 Lazy Afternoon (Remastered) Benny Carter    
27 I've Got Two Lips (Remastered) Benny Carter    
28 Nagasaki (Remastered) Benny Carter    
29 I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good (Remastered) Benny Carter, Oscar Peterson, Buddy Rich    
30 Keep A Song In Your Soul (Remastered) Fletcher Henderson    
31 Blue Interlude (Remastered) The Chocolate Dandies    
32 When Lights Are Low (Remastered) Benny Carter    
33 Nightfall (Remastered) Benny Carter    
34 Waltzing The Blues (Remastered) Benny Carter    
35 Gin And Jive (Remastered) Benny Carter    
36 Farewell Blues (Remastered) Benny Carter    
37 Swing It (Remastered) Benny Carter    
38 Krazy Kapers (Remastered) The Chocolate Dandies    
39 Blues In My Heart (Remastered) Benny Carter    
40 Once Upon A Time (Remastered) The Chocolate Dandies    
41 Pastorale (Remastered) Spike Hughes    
42 Symphony In Riffts (Remastered) Benny Carter    
43 Dee Blues (Remastered) The Chocolate Dandies    
44 I'd Love It (Remastered) McKinney's Cotton Pickers    
45 I'm Coming, Virginia (Remastered) Benny Carter    
46 Somebody Loves Me (Remastered) Benny Carter    
47 Crazy Rhythm (Remastered) Coleman Hawkins, All Star Jam Band    
48 Bugle Call Rag (Remastered) The Chocolate Dandies    
49 Stadust (Remastered) Wille Lewis    
50 Lonesome Night (Remastered) Benny Carter    
51 Swingin' At Maida Vale (Remastered) Benny Carter    

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