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Winifred Atwell's Honky Tonk Piano Party Ringtones
Artist: Winifred Atwell

Album: Winifred Atwell's Honky Tonk Piano Party

Genre: Jazz

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2002

1 Medley- I Cried For You-By The Light Of The Silvery Moon-I'm Sorry Winifred Atwell    
2 Syncopated Clock Winifred Atwell    
3 Medley- Chicago (That Toddlin' Town)-Cecilia-My Sweetie Went Away Winifred Atwell    
4 Medley- Carolina In The Morning-Get Out And Get Under The Moon-Sleepytime Gal Winifred Atwell    
5 Medley- It Had To Be You-I'm Sitting On Top Of The World-Crying For The Carolines Winifred Atwell    
6 Bossa Nova Boogie Winifred Atwell    
7 Medley- Sweet Georgia Brown-Broadway Melody-Lullaby of Broadway Winifred Atwell    
8 Basin Street Blues Winifred Atwell    
9 Medley- Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue-Dinah-A-Tisket A-Tisket Winifred Atwell    
10 Medley- Bye Bye Blues-Let's Fall In Love-After You've Gone Winifred Atwell    
11 C'est L'Amour Winifred Atwell    
12 Medley- Tiptoe Through The Tulips-Me And My Shadow-Them There Eyes Winifred Atwell    
13 Medley- If You Were The Only Girl In The World-I Don't Know Why-My Foolosh Heart Winifred Atwell    
14 Mississippi Mud Winifred Atwell    
15 Medley- The Darktown Strutters Ball-Alexander's Ragtime Band Winifred Atwell    
16 Medley- My Blue Heaven-Am I Blue-Some Of These Days Winifred Atwell    

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