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Raunchy Business- Hot Nuts & Lollypops Ringtones
Artist: Mississippi Sheiks, Lonnie Johnson-Victoria Spivey, Lil Johnson, Barrel House Annie, Lonnie Johnson, Bo Carter, Lillie Mae Kirkman, Hunter And Jenkins Buddy Moss, Bernice Edwards, Lucille Bogan,

Album: Raunchy Business- Hot Nuts & Lollypops

Genre: RnB

Format: WMA - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 1991

1 Bed Spring Poker Mississippi Sheiks    
2 Furniture Man Blues-Part 1 Lonnie Johnson-Victoria Spivey    
3 Get 'Em From The Peanut Man (The New Hot Nuts) Lil Johnson    
4 If It Don'T Fit (Don'T Force It) Barrel House Annie    
5 My Stove'S In Good Condition Lil Johnson    
6 The Best Jockey In Town Lonnie Johnson    
7 Wipe It Off Lonnie Johnson    
8 Banana In Your Fruit Basket Bo Carter    
9 Get 'Em From The Peanut Man (Hot Nuts) Lil Johnson    
10 He'S Just My Size Lillie Mae Kirkman    
11 Lollypop Hunter And Jenkins    
12 My Pencil Won'T Write No More Bo Carter    
13 Sam-The Hot Dog Man Lil Johnson    
14 You Got To Give Me Some Of It Buddy Moss    
15 Driving That Thing Mississippi Sheiks    
16 Meat Cuttin' Blues Hunter And Jenkins    
17 Butcher Shop Blues Bernice Edwards    
18 Shave 'Em Dry II Lucille Bogan    
19 Furniture Man Blues-Part 2 Lonnie Johnson-Victoria Spivey    

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