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Our Brilliant Careers- Cherry Red Rarities 1981-1983 Ringtones
Artist: Five Or Six, Ben Watt, The Reflections, The Nightingales, Everything But The Girl, Joe Crow, The Monochrome Set, Tracey Thorn, Fantastic Something,

Album: Our Brilliant Careers- Cherry Red Rarities 1981-1983

Genre: Alternative

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 1981

1 Another Reason Five Or Six    
2 The Trial Five Or Six    
3 Can't Ben Watt    
4 Tower Of Silence Ben Watt    
5 Aubade Ben Watt    
6 4 Countries The Reflections    
7 The Coroner And The Inquest The Reflections    
8 Inside Out The Nightingales    
9 Under The Lash The Nightingales    
10 Feeling Dizzy Everything But The Girl    
11 On My Mind Everything But The Girl    
12 This Is For The Moment Five Or Six    
13 Think Five Or Six    
14 Rushes Five Or Six    
15 Theme Five Or Six    
16 My Brilliant Career The Nightingales    
17 Son Of God's Mate The Nightingales    
18 Absent Friends Joe Crow    
19 The Bridge The Monochrome Set    
20 Goodbye Joe Tracey Thorn    
21 If She Doesn't Smile (It'll Rain) Fantastic Something    
22 The Thousand Guitars Of St Dominiques Fantastic Something    

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