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Ambition - The History Of Cherry Red Records Vol. 1&2 Ringtones
Artist: Destroy All Monsters, The Runaways, The Dead Kennedys, Matt Johnson, Marc Bolan, Andy Partridge, Robert Wyatt, Hybrid Kids, Morgan-Fisher, Medium Medium, Maurice Deebank, Jane, Eyeless In Gaza, Red Box, Holger Hiller, Laibach, H.M.S. Bounty, In Embrace, Felt, Martyn Bates, The Seers, Blow-Up, Mexico 70, The Monochrome Set, Everything But The Girl, Tracey Thorn, Fantastic Something, Thomas Leer, The Passage, Ben Watt & Robert Wyatt, Kevin Coyne, Marine Girls, Kevin Hewick Tracy Thorn, The Nightingales, Ben Watt, Quentin Crisp,

Album: Ambition - The History Of Cherry Red Records Vol. 1&2

Genre: Rock

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 1997

1 Bored Destroy All Monsters    
2 Right Now The Runaways    
3 Holiday In Cambodia The Dead Kennedys    
4 Too Drunk To Fuck The Dead Kennedys    
5 What Stanley Saw Matt Johnson    
6 You Scare Me To Death Marc Bolan    
7 The History Of Rock 'n' Roll Andy Partridge    
8 Rangers In The Nightst Robert Wyatt    
9 D'ya Think I'm Sexy Hybrid Kids    
10 Celebration Morgan-Fisher    
11 Hungry So Angry Medium Medium    
12 Four Corners Of The Earth Maurice Deebank    
13 It's A Fine Day Jane    
14 Sunbursts In Eyeless In Gaza    
15 Chenko Red Box    
16 Johnny Du Lump Holger Hiller    
17 Die Liebe Laibach    
18 Girl H.M.S. Bounty    
19 This Brilliant Evening In Embrace    
20 Primitive Painters Felt    
21 The Look Of Love Martyn Bates    
22 Psych-Out The Seers    
23 World Blow-Up    
24 What's In Your Mind Mexico 70    
25 Jet Set Junta The Monochrome Set    
26 Night And Day Everything But The Girl    
27 From A To B Eyeless In Gaza    
28 Something Sends Me To Sleep Felt    
29 Plain Sailing Tracey Thorn    
30 If She Doesn't Smile Fantastic Something    
31 Letter From America Thomas Leer    
32 Xoyo The Passage    
33 Walter And John Ben Watt & Robert Wyatt    
34 Your Holiness Kevin Coyne    
35 On My Mind Marine Girls    
36 The Mating Game The Monochrome Set    
37 Spain Kevin Hewick    
38 Talking Glamour Marc Bolan    
39 Foreign Correspondent Morgan-Fisher    
40 Penelope Tree Felt    
41 Taboos The Passage    
42 Simply Couldn't Care Tracy Thorn    
43 You Frighten Eyeless In Gaza    
44 Paraffin Brain The Nightingales    
45 Departure Ben Watt    
46 How To Die With Style Quentin Crisp    
47 English Rose Everything But The Girl    

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