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The True Story Of Country Ringtones
Artist: Lynn Anderson, Wanda Jackson, Jimmy Dean, Jeanie C. Riley, Dave Dudley, Del Reeves, Kitty Wells, Faron Young, Jack and Misty, La Costa Tucker, Red Simpson, Johnny Russell, Melba Montgomery, David Houston, Margo Smith, Sammi Smith, Kingston Trio, Carl Smith, Porte Wagoner, Kenny Price, Stonewall Jackson, Boddy Helms, Hank Locklin, Pee Wee King, Hank Thompsn, Jack Greene, Claude King, Warner mack, Ferlin Husky, Henson Cargill, Billy Walker, Johnny Paycheck, Donna Fargo, Bob Luman, Anthony Armstong Jones,

Album: The True Story Of Country

Genre: Country

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 1994

1 Rose Garden Lynn Anderson    
2 It's only make believe Wanda Jackson    
3 Big bad John Jimmy Dean    
4 Harper Valley P.T.A Jeanie C. Riley    
5 Mad Dave Dudley    
6 Girl on the billboard Del Reeves    
7 Heartbreak U.S.A Kitty Wells    
8 Hallo Walls Faron Young    
9 Tennessee birdwalk Jack and Misty    
10 He took me for a ride La Costa Tucker    
11 I'm a truck Red Simpson    
12 Rednecks, white socks, blue ribbon beer Johnny Russell    
13 No charge Melba Montgomery    
14 Nashville David Houston    
15 It only hurts for a little while Margo Smith    
16 Help me make it through the night Sammi Smith    
17 King of the road Johnny Russell    
18 Truck drivin' son-of-a-gun Dave Dudley    
19 Tom Dooley Kingston Trio    
20 Country girl Faron Young    
21 Let old mother natur have her way Carl Smith    
22 Satisfied mind Porte Wagoner    
23 Sheriff of Boone County Kenny Price    
24 Slowly Stonewall Jackson    
25 Jaqueline Boddy Helms    
26 Let me be the one Hank Locklin    
27 Slow poke Pee Wee King    
28 The wilde side of life Hank Thompsn    
29 There goes my everything Jack Greene    
30 Wolverton mountain Claude King    
31 Have a little faith David Houston    
32 The first thing every morning Jimmy Dean    
33 The bridge washed out Warner mack    
34 Wings of dove Ferlin Husky    
35 Jambalaya Johnny Russell    
36 Hey, Joe Carl Smith    
37 It wasn't God who made honky Kitty Wells    
38 I fall to pieces Wanda Jackson    
39 Skip a rope Henson Cargill    
40 Please help me I'm falling Hank Locklin    
41 Charlie's shoes Billy Walker    
42 Misery love company Porte Wagoner    
43 Take this job and shove it Johnny Paycheck    
44 The pool shark Dave Dudley    
45 It's four in the morning Faron Young    
46 Luchenbach Texas Johnny Russell    
47 Funny face Donna Fargo    
48 Lonely woman make good lovers Bob Luman    
49 Country music is here to stay Ferlin Husky    
50 Take a letter Maria Anthony Armstong Jones    

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