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Accept Ringtones
Artist: Accept

Album: Balls To The Wall

Genre: Metal

Format: WMA - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2001

1Love Child Accept  
2Losers and Winners Accept  
3Love Child Accept  
4Head Over Heels Accept  
5Guardian Of The Night Accept  
6London Leatherboys Accept  
7Losing More Than You've Ever Had Accept  
8Fight It Back Accept  
9Winterdreams Accept  
10Balls To The Wall Accept  
11Turn Me On Accept  
12Head Over Heels Accept  
Artist: Accept

Album: Staying A Life

Genre: Metal

Format: WMA - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 1990

1Balls To The Wall Accept  
2Breaker Accept  
3Dogs On Leads Accept  
4Flash Rockin' Man Accept  
5Living For Tonight Accept  
6Metal Heart Accept  
7Restless And Wild Accept  
8Son Of A Bitch Accept  
9Guitar Solo Wolf Accept  
10Love Child Accept  
11Princess Of The Dawn Accept  
12Up To The Limit Accept  
13Fast As A Shark Accept  
14London Leatherboys Accept  
15Screaming For A Love-Bite Accept  
Artist: Accept, Autograph, Dokken, Eric Martin of Mr. Big, Firehouse, Jani Lane, Kix, Poison, Queensryche, Ratt, Shaw-Blades, Slaughter, Tesla, Tom Keifer, Winger

Album: VH1 Classic Metal Mania Stripped Vol. 3

Genre: Rock

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2007

1Unskinny Bop (acoustic) Poison  
2High Enough (acoustic) Shaw-Blades  
3Signs (acoustic) Tesla  
4Headed For A Hearkbreak (acoustic) Winger  
5In My Dreams (acoustic) Dokken  
6When I Look Into Your Eyes (acoustic) Firehouse  
7Way Cook Jr. (acoustic) Ratt  
8Heaven (acoustic) Jani Lane  
9Turn Up The Radio (acoustic) Autograph  
10Nobody's Fool (acoustic) Tom Keifer  
11Don't Close Your Eyes (acoustic) Kix  
12Just Take My Heart (acoustic) Eric Martin of Mr. Big  
13The Killing Words (acoustic) Queensryche  
14Up All Night (acoustic) Slaughter  
15Balls To The Wall (acoustic) Accept  
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